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Bartender Dating Game

27 March 21

In this game you are going to run the bar. Just don't think that it will be enough to click the couple of buttons and all the cuties will have served with drinks and all of them will want to go out with you at the same moment. Actually this game is way more close to daily life simulators where besides working at the bar you will need to do lots of other activites like visiting the mall or jogging in the park. Ofcourse as a character you will have a plenty of of different parameters and points which you will spend on differnet activites and get one or some other rewards and effects instead. But just like in the real life your objective is quite clear - find the way to find some sweetie's phone number so later you could have a date and might be even some sexy funtime after that!


27 March 21

This nicel done erotic themed game is based on visual novel principles and it will tell you the story about a guy who after the series of unfortunate events ended up under the same roof with two hot looking ladies. What is this - this some sort of fate's joke, reward from carma or another one step down? Well, the answer for this question is something that you will have to figure out by yourself while playing the game and not only following the story but also taking certain decisions along the way. As an vignette of"Double Homework" adulst only game series this game is a stand alone project as well only sharing the same data and same track of progress in case if you have played or planning to play other scenes from this series in the future.