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Celebrity Brothel

27 March 21

Being a scientist and working on interesting projects is fun but only until the moment you have enough cash to do that. But what if your recent project of creating unique masks that allows to change person's face on any other face will be shut down? Well, in that case you can always use whatever prototype you presently need and start your own business... such as a brothel for example! And since you have such technlogy in your forearms then why don't you turn it into celebrity brothel by changing the faces of hookers on the faces of the most sexy movie stars? Probably you have already got the idea where this is going so why don't you just start playing and enjoy not only the story or brothel managment simulator but also a bunch of awesome lovemaking scenes starring the ladies that the whole planet is dreaming about?

Hire Me Fuck Me Idols Edition v1.0

20 July 21

To be a singing idol takes years of lessons and practice and dedication to your craft. It also takes a good manager that can get you in touch with the right people. In this story, an up and coming star moves in with her manager who also seems to be intent on her not making it and just having her live with him. Hmm, maybe he doesn't want this sexy hot babe to leave him and be a star after all.