Crazy Girl

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Lovemaking Kitten: Super-naughty Asylum

29 November 22

You might have thought the main character of "Sex Kittne", a series that started in 1999, wasn't the most bright man in the world. Yet, you can't have predicted that he would one day be a locke dup at Insany Asylum. However, all the adventures he went through as nekobitch Slutty McCSlut's boyfriend couldn't have been worse for his character. But don't lose sight of the main point. This game isn't about how this man got into asylum, but how he plans to escape the situation. Maybe having a clear and specific plan like this isn't the best idea. Get ready to embark on one of the most insane (and most wild) adventures in this entire hentai series!

Orgy Kitten WATTT

30 November 22

Initially intended for shipping on 30th october 2016, hence the'halloween' vibe of the undertaking. Some things went IRL and that is a depressing fact of lif- KABOOM! Less complaining about IRL and much more game dev advice! Our incompetent hero gets the incorrect end of a Hallow's Eve ritual and can be delivered to some place where things do not really make sense, not in all. Polymorphed to a nightmarish form, will he return, or could he be trapped in this area where humankind's deepest desires are real? Document size is 6.2Mb.