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Pokemon Harem Master

31 January 23

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Pokemon Go

31 January 23

The main character of this new adventure in Pkemon World will be Omni and, like the other great adventures before this one will begin with a simple incident that went wrong. Today was supposed to be a very significant day as Omni was supposed to receive his own pokeball, but Omni was unable to get to Proffessor Oaks laboratory in time! Even more shockingly, when he finally made it there, the place was empty of people even there! But not everything is bad, and Omni has discovered a pokeball, but did he leave it for Omni or is it a mysterious protype that was not meant to fall into the hands of anyone? You probably already have a clear idea of which one is the best however, this could make the next adventures with Omni a lot more intriguing and, we would say, way more exciting!