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Boruto Fuck-Man

27 March 21

As you have most likely already guessed this parody game is based on classical Pac-Man gameplay simply with strong manga porn elements added into it. What you also could figure out kind just reading the title is that the most important character of this game is non other than Naruto's sonny Boruto which also usually means that you are going to meet a lot of devotees fave sweethearts of Konoha village - from Tsunade and Hinata to Sarada and Kushina! Ofcourse your principal task will be to conduct away from them through the tricky maze however in case you will happen to obtain the booze bonus then it is them who will turn into running away bitches and in case you will manage to catch any of them... well, then you will instantaneously see why exactly this game is being posted on manga porn parody themed website!

The Void Club: Chapter 17 - Naruto

2 April 21

The adventures of the merchant may continue in chapter 17 at which our hero will achieve such wonderful place as Konoha Village where the most famous and strong ninjas have been trained (and who most likely believe that it is still a key for some reason). But since you are selling such things a sliquor will you find any buyers in such place in any respect? Actually, you will find even more if you will manage to take just a couple of actions in the proper direction (in otehr words - if you will make right decisions in this visual publication )! Not only the most important lady of Konoha known as Lady Tsunade is the major devotee of the kind of drinks that you offer but there will be some other youthfull girls who will be antsy to acquire at least a little bit of your attention (if you know what we mean)...