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27 March 21

In this game you will by playing as some ordinary guy who usually is having intercourse virtually on the internet websites or inside his head so having an asian hottie who managed to give him a blowjob one day can be considered as his most exciting sexual themed event of the lifetime... yet it is about to become only the beginning of much greater erotic adventrues since a little time after that he got a message telling that now her mom is willing to meet with him. For what purpose? Well, if she is just as slutty and horny as her daughter then may be you will have an idea or two. But will your ideas become real you will figure out only when you start playing the game and go on this from one side quite awkward but from the other side quite promising date!

BJ Country 4

26 May 21

A young boy has visited his home town to find it completely changed. The town natives have inhabited it and their houses are occupied by fearsome but beautiful ladies. The ladies are constantly fighting as they have stolen each other items. You will make a personal visit to each one’s house to know about problem. Girls please with your good looks will tell about their stolen items. They will request you to find them. You will also find some other items in their homes. You will collect it and give it to right heir. This way you will bring peace in town. In return, the girls will definitely undress for you and do as you command. Your ultimate goal is to strip all girls naked. Best of Luck for your hot journey, the game apart from erotic pleasure sharpens your memory. It’s worth spending time on it.