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Jungle Soiree (Jungle de Ikou!) [Naruho-dou (Naruhodo)]

29 November 22

Even a simple day off at the beach will bring more and more of adventures for such guy as Naruto. And it all will begin with Lady Tsunade who has put on way smaller swimsuit than she probably should have according to the size of her delicious bodycurves. Will Naruto find the way to play some sexy trick on her or Sakura will kick his horny ass sooner? Read this comics to find out!

Jungle party 2 (spain)

29 November 22

When having a day off at the becah Naruto Uzumaki never takes any balls with him because he has way better funbags to play with - the funbags that belongs to Lady Tsunadeofcourse! Yet today's beach party is going to be different because today Sakura will not only see what kind of fun they are having but she will also gladly join them! Full color. Sapnish language version.

Giroutei Ru no Kan

29 November 22

Ninja training can get really tough sometimes... but could you expect that besides being rough it will also become quite sexy? If you got the idea and willing to see something like it right away then just read this parody comics where such familiar characters as Lady Tsunade, Shizune, Temari and Sakura will remember that they are not only ninjas but also women who have some special needs...

Giroutei no Kan

29 November 22

It seems that Sakura is beginning to seriously worry about the size of her boobies- they keep growing more an dmore and it even begin to make herto feel uncomfortable sometimes. But luckily enough she has a busty teacher- Lady Tsunade - who will not only teach her young student to keep the balancebut also show how to gain a great sexual pleasure from the milking process!

Tsunade\\'s Fate

29 November 22

Lady Tsunade may be a great hokage of Konoha Village yet barely she would achieve any seriosu success without proper characters at her side. And one of such characters isdefinitely Shizune. But what exactly are relationships between these two beautiful lades? Oh, this parody comics offers one very interesting idea about that but you have to be of legal age to read it!

Tsunade\\'s Obscene Jail

29 November 22

It is obvious that the problem of of the nine tail jinchuuriki has become quite serious since Naruto's friends are going to use one of the most ultimate ways to solve it - they will try to fuck him out literally! Ofcourse the first try will be up to lovely Hinata and if she won't be able to handle it then Sakura and lady Tsunade will come to help... Well, they will come to help anyways.

Kunoichi Fashion Max Speed [Serious Graphics] [Naruto]

29 November 22

Looks like Naruto has figured one more thing in which he wants to be just like Lady Tsunade but in order to do that he will have to use his sexy-no-jitsu and to turn into Naruko first! Why would he do that? Because this thing that we were talking about is actully two things and they are... the biggest and the most juicy tits in the whole Konoha Village! But Tusnade will have to approve them first...


29 November 22

Naruto and Sakura are fucking at homewhen their friend comes over. Now they offer this girl to take part in group sex. The girl agrees and undressing jumps on the bed. Naruto starts fucking the beauties in their tight pussies. After that, Sakura steps in. She licks and sucks her buddy's cock and balls. Then he sucks his cock. Then they have a hard fuck. In the end, they cum on the body of their girlfriends.

Tsuna x Hina

29 November 22

In order to have some quiet place to rest a little bit Naruto comes to nurse's office... but only to find out that Lady Tsunade is in charge here today! Yeah, it seems that there won't be any rest for our guy todayat all because not only this busty milf wants to fuck the young studbut also her best student Hinata is willing to learn this important lesson and to share this usefull experience...

NYAN NYAN Tsunakan

29 November 22

Lady Tsunade's big and heavy tits are making young Naruto horny each and every timeyet only in our hentai parody comics she will not only finally notice this fact but also will finally try to do something about that. It will all begin with a teasing and blowjob yet if you want to see what will happen next then just stop reading the descrition and begin to read the comics!

Q.N.T.2 Goddess Ninja Tsunade 2 [MG WORKS] [Naruto]

29 November 22

Best milf and best boobs - these are the titles that lady Tsunade has earned quite easily yet nonetheless she is always ready to proove that she is definitely worth to have them! Tonightfew more guys are going to question her about that and tonight she will proove them that they are wrong by fucking all of them! Plus shorter stories about her stdunets Sakura and Temari as a bonus!

PM11 ~In Nin Dorei~

29 November 22

A porn comic about how a couple of girls - shinobi warriors were ambushed. They were seized and stripped. And then they began to rape in a rigid form. Girls are fucked in their wet mouths and wet pussies. And then they end up on their faces,so much so that the girls can't do anything and are forced to swallow sperm. At one point, they decided to run away, but they were caught and raped again. They are so inflamed that they yell at the top of their lungs with pleasure. Enjoy, in one word!

(C86) [Naruho-dou (Naruhodo)] G3 (Naruto) (russian)

29 November 22

Who do you think are Naruto's most favorite girls in entire Konoha Village? According to this comics parodythey are Sakura and Tsunade and the answer why exactly these two is actually quite simple: they both have big tits and round asses and- which is more important - they both are ready to please Naruto's hard cock whenever he wantsthem to! Yeah, it's hentai parody by the way.

Lustful Prision 2

29 November 22

This comics is a parody with two very important and interesting things that makes it worth checking. First of all it will involve almost all the main heroines from anime series "Naruto Shippuden" such as Sakura, Tsunade, Hinata andsome others. The second (or may be this should be the first?) great thing is that all of them will be taking parts in amazing orgy with hardcore elements!

Hentaikey Collection 2009-2010

29 November 22

Thisone here is a colorful hentai gallery that will show to you of how many characters from "Naruto Shippuden" series are enjoying having sex! Big boobs and small tits, blowjobs and titjobs, romantic sex and hardcore fucking- there will be a lot of various content starring such popular characters as Sakura, Naruko, Anko, Tsunade, Tenten, Ino, Hinata and many many more! Enjoy!

Tsunade and Naruto comics

29 November 22

Tsunada and Naruto have hardcore sex. From such sex, Naruto does not have a member. Tsunada helps Naruto come. Naruto mouth fucks Sakura. Sakura sucks cock and gives blowjob. Sakura fucks with Naruto. Naruto cums on Sakura's face. Sakura and Tsunade have lesbian sex. Sakura licks Tsunade's cunt and Tsunade licks Sakura's pussy. Sakura and Tsundoya caress each other.

Naruto Konohas-Secret-Service

29 November 22

Sakura Haruno has growned up and thanks to this fact and the very special training course from Lady Tsunade now she can easily seduce any guy she wants to! And as you have probably already guessed this story will be about her using these new skills on practice and getting a little bit forward she will be quite successful in it. But as you will see further she won't be the only one...


30 November 22

This parody comics will tel you a lot of exciting details about the true relations between the most powerful hokages of the Konoha Village starring non other than busty Lady Tsunade ofcourse. Yet in order to understand the story behind all of these erotic and sex scenesyou will require the knowledge of japanese language. Plus this hentai manga is in full colors.