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SexCity : The Hot Teacher

27 March 21

Unlike many other school and college themed games you will be playing not as another one ordinary student but as his father. The events begins with your son doing something wrong again and it was enough of a reason to call you out. And even though if you are not very happy that your son did something stupid again you will be asking yourself why he didn't do that much earlier once you will see what a hottie his teacher Ms Apple is! But what is more important she seems to get her compensation for boy's bad behaviour not from him but from you and she is going to do that in a very special way... yep, that special way that brought this game on erotic and hentai themed website obviously! Now lets see what grade you will get from Ms Apple behidn the closed doors...

A Transformative Experience (Early Alpha | Demo)

2 April 21

In this intriguing and interactive game, you'll find out how Mrs. Tessa teaches people who have committed wrongdoing. Therefore, the chief decide brought the woman to jail. However, she gasped, and the decide also denied the decision. She is taken to Mrs. Tessa's house. There the woman is aware of concerning the seriousness of upbringing and discipline. She's going to work from the building, laundry food, scouring floors and removing trash. She's going to be a claudication with no voice. In the dark they're going to beat her with force so the woman sounds like a garbage rag. Mrs. Tessa is actually a strict faculty member and thus she is prepared to try and do no matter she desires so the woman was dismissed with a transparent conscience. Use your keyboard and mouse to move with the game. Begin taking part in immediately.