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Mrs Claus on a Demonic Adventure

27 March 21

In terms of the gameplay this adventure could be explained as fairly old school platformer arcade in which you have to run thru levelsand escape the enemies, and collect a few coins (the longer the better) and also to jump over obstacles on your way. However in regards to the narrative behind that this is something that you may want to check by yourself so we'll inform you only the start of this: Santa has finally become a serious troubles now and by severe we mean he's being held at Hell (! )) For an unknown reason and only his mrs can save him today (from the manner within this model Mrs Claus is fairly sexy looking blond chick and it's her personality you'll be managing while enjoying with the game). Intriguing enough? Then embark enjoying to find out how it will solve!

Ears of a Bunny

28 November 21

Old folk amusement - to tear off the Ears of a Bunny