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Date with Akali

11 May 18

Akali is hot looking ninja girl which might have seen in such popular game as"League of Legends". But even if you didn't you still can play this game. The game begins with an attcak... and it is you are who is being attacked! Someone arrives from the shadows between the grimm looking trees and sending you hit after hit! Now you will have to block them by pressing proper buttosn at the right moment. If this is not enough she will use her surikens at you and if you will handle even them you will finally meet your enemy face to face! Try to defeat her if you are hoping to have some hook-up with this ninja ultra-cutie as reward. If this whole gameplay seems too hardcore for you then you can simply enjoy only the hook-up scenes by choosing this option in the main menu.

Mind Control Your Chief

4 June 18

The game begins with you having a job interview with some pretty hot chick (ofcourse if you consider ladies with short purple hair in official suits being hot) about why should hire you on the vacancy. But looks like it is your lucky day - no matter what you will answer to her she will have to take you on this job anyway because thier company seems to be short on employers these days. Why? This you might figure while having conversations with other characters at the office. Or you could concentarte on something mor einteresting - how to make your sexy looking female boss to like you enough she would want to fuck with you? But pay attention to details and try not to skip dialogs because they might contain clues on what you should do next!