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NISE BIOHAZARD 2 [LTM.] [Resident Evil]

30 April 19

The classic "Resident Evil" story about a courageous girl Clair Redfield who is fighting against the monstrous cretaures going to be rewritten with some intriguing twists this time around - the virus created by a shady company is still affecting the people around, but it transforms the victims into monsters who are looking for sexual sex! As you may recall, Clair Redfield is one quite cute chick...

CARNAVAL!! [Kesshoku Mikan] [Resident Evil]

30 April 19

The comic is brief and simple, therefore you shouldn't look to find any complicated stories or deep character revelations from this one. What you will get is a single sex sequence starring stunning Claire Redfield from the world famous videogame series "Resident Evil"! You've probably figured out the need to look this up right now and here!

Mind Control Your Chief

4 June 18

You're applying for a new job. Go to your working space and login to system (guest, 1234). Follow your endeavors and try to complete them without getting dismissed. This game requires kinda lots of reading to understand your objectives.