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[Erik Heltner] Housewife At Play (Futurama)

31 March 21

Amy Wong is a slut character from the animated series "Futurama", but it seems like she wants to make Kif feel special in her relationships. It will be difficult, but it will also be exciting. Amy as well as Kif will have a lot to learn from her friends, as well as new tricks from other worlds.


31 March 21

Futurama Amy Wong Leela Turanga Philip J. Fry Fang Kiff Kroker Bender Bending Rodriguez Zapp Brannigan Futurama


31 March 21

Turanga Leela was captured by a sly professor. Bender, a sex-droid was released by the professor. This droid will now fuck Turanga Leela, who is tied to a chair. The first thing is that Bender tears off Turanga Leela’s clothing. Turanga Leela is left naked after huge watermelon jumps out. Bender then starts to fuck the girl with a vibrating metal dick. Turanga Leela sighs in delight.. She sees someone else enter the room. The sound of the claw suggests that this isn't a good thing.

Futurama - Sextopia

31 March 21

The comic is filled with colorful characters. Leela and Amy were just going to have some lesbian playtime, but instead they get sucked into an incredible vortex sexual events that involves a lot more charactersand lots of crazy fucking! This comic is recommended for all adults who love the cartoon series "Futurama".