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Funkstone Second part

2 April 21

Prehistoric era. Fred Flintstone broke the peace and was sentenced to prison. His wife pardons her husband and goes to the sheriff's office. Betty meets her husband and they argue about morality, while the sheriff sexily treats the two beautiful busty women. He offers to make a deal with them and, if they agree, Fred will be released. What's the deal? Let's flip through this color comic to find out now.


2 April 21

Redhead-looking redhead who lives in the same house as you- The idea of fucking such a chick is old as the world itself. This parody comics by hentai about the Flintstones will prove this fact yet again. You've probably guessed that Wilma Flintstone is the redhead, while Bamm-Bamm Rubble is the neighbor who has become a really large man.