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The Bitcher

17 June 18

Thsi game is called"The Bitcher" and it's obviously the parody around the planetpopular books-videogames-and-now-tv-series-from-netflix-as-well world of"The witcher" which principal character is really a daring and proficient monster hunter that does not mind to have some intimate relations with lovely ladies. Obviosuly with this 2nd portion of his character this digital erotic parody will be concentrated. The genre of the game is really an escapade with RPG elements in which you're supposed to traveling all around the dream kingdom and also to fuck as many hot girls you'll meet as you can. Just how precisely you are able to attain this outcome is your choice and the options you will be producing so that the game has several endings and you may want to match it simply to detect all of them.

Mind Control Your Chief

4 June 18

Even tho this game has been tagged"Mind Control Your Own Boss" technically this brief blonde woman in tasteful garb that sits behind the large desk at the primary office isn't however your chief and you're here just for your job dialogue now. Answer her questions with simply selecting among trhee different choices and attempt to make an impression her enough so she'd employ you and you may learn more about the office in hunt for fresh buddies, co-workers... and what's more significant for fresh sexy women who it is possible to entice and fuck afterward! The aim is evident - you have to fuck the manager lady. You might need to do a little bit of office working so pay attention to your duties while waiting for an chance to find out why this game is on the anime porn themed site after all.