Power Girl

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Supergirl Purple Trouble

29 November 22

Aren't super-people from comic books should be extra careful with all the semi-translucent glowing objects? Probably they are yet this thought has completely left Supergirl's mind once she has discover the... purple dildo! And now she is not only going to put it through the series ofrough 'testings' but she will be doing it in a small but fun company ofother superchicks!

Gimp Crisis 5 - Force Bomb

29 November 22

Sometimessupervillains find the way to take superheroes or seuperheroines under their controland looks like this time the fate of getting into the wrong hands has come for famous Powergirl! Or should we say that these hands are not as 'wrong' as they are 'kinky' and 'perverted' since the following events will reveal Powergilr as a total slut? Read the comics and decid eby yourself!

Intensity Girl: Pity Sex, Melon Sex

29 November 22

Power damsel rewards a geeky guy who tried to stand up against a mugger for her other identity despite his knee knocking fear.

Seekers: Powergirl Infinite Coitus

30 November 22

In this new edition of erotic game series"Seekers" you are going to meet Powergirl - blonde superheroine who is well known for the size of her cupcakes probably even more than for her good deeds! But as you will see from these three stories she already know how she can use her curves and quite promiscuous nature in order to prevent conflicts from being escalated by replacing it with fuck-a-thon joy for everyone! Just read short annotation and by clicking on it launch the most fun part - the series of animated scenes where this huge-boobed blonde chick will get fucked! Each of these scenes you can enjoy for as long as you want and once you are ready to move further just click on the arrow shaped button - as you can see the gameplay here is not challenging at all.

[Krash] Power & Thunder - Another Worlds

1 December 22

Looking for rough and tough hentai parody which can make even the superheroines to break a sweat? We got something like that right here and right now! A whole bunch of busty chicks from Power Girl to Huntress and from Black Canary to Wonder Woman will try their chances against an enemy with a completly new approach - this villainess is going to use sexual lust as her main weapon!

[Glassfish] Power Milk

2 December 22

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