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Song of lust

31 March 21

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Camp Woody

2 April 21

If you believe that the idea of spending the summer in a tent camp is boring or snarky, then you've probably never tried it in the style of Danny Phantom! What does it mean? It's all about having lots of fun with all the hotties at any time you wish, starting with teens with a sexually sexy look and ending with experienced milfs. Outdoor sex and double penetration are all part of the summer's program!

Camp Woody - Camp Chaos

25 May 21

This incident occurred in the summer of 2005 when Gwen and Ben visited the camp. There's real chaos in the camp. The public is in awe of sexual harassment. People are fucked in a variety of places. For instance, the woman at the reception without even a hint of embarrassment offers a fatty dick to one of the guests at the hotel. A couple in the bushes is having an sex with an adolescent. Gwen and Ben need to understand the reasons of this deceit and stop it before it happens. Enjoy.