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Glad Valentine Day!

30 March 21

Marge Simpson comes home to a surprise - it seems like Homer forgot that Valentine's Day is today! This parody comics is hentai-themed so you can already tell that it will have strong sexual content. But is everything really as simple and obvious? You can figure it out by looking through the comics!

Marge Erotic Fantasies

30 March 21

Marge Erotic Fantasies Marge Simpson Lisa Simpson Bart Simpson Homer Simpson Maggie Simpson Simpsons

Halloween Special (The Simpsons) [Gundam888] - english

25 May 21

This is a short, but very entertaining story of how the Simpsons celebrated Halloween. It only takes a few pages to find humor, tricks, and some sexually-themed moments. We hope you realize the fact that this is a parody, and that the product is intended for adult audiences.

Grandpa And Me (The Simpsons) [Drah Navlag] - complete - english

24 August 21

Marge Simpsons as well as Homer Simpsons seem to be experiencing a revival in their marriage, as they have been having sex at all times and places. These would be wonderful moments, if they didn't forget about Abe. He might have unexpected consequences from their exciting discovery! We got you intrigued? You should read these hentai parody comics right away!