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WinxClub DS Comic

30 April 19

The magical group of girls from the "Winx Club" has been able to defeat large and deadly monsters, but this one is sure to be something unique - unlike the other monsters, this one is into sexually sexy flings, so the appearance of five amazing sluts makes him extremely powerful! The tentacles are exploding across the battelfield, and every time a new one is released, the Winx girls are having lower chances of winning...

WinXmas party

30 April 19

At this season, even the girls who seem to be pretty most of the time busy with fighting evil and dark magic ought to have a celebration... and during this xmas celebration you'll realize that winx-girls are not so adorable and cute. When nobody else can be able to see them, they are willing to take on even the old man who claims to be Santa Claus! It's a lie, isn't it?

Mind Control Your Chief

4 June 18

The game commences with you with a job conversation having some pretty hot chick (ofcourse if you consider ladies with short purple hair in official suits being hot) about why should employ you on the vacancy. But looks like it is your lucky day - no matter what you will response to her she will have to take you on this job anyway because thier company seems to be short on employers these days. Why? This you could figure while having conversations with other characters at the office. Or you might concentarte on something mor einteresting - the way to produce your sexy looking female manager to like you enough she would want to fuck with you? But pay attention to details and try not to skip dialogs because they might contain clues on what you ought to do next!