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Babysitter Under Control – Fairly Oddparents - english

25 May 21

Timmy Turner has made a change and Vicky, the bitchy babysitter, will no longer be his boss. It's actually the opposite! Timmy Turner will now be the alpha male of this house, and it will be him who dominates this lazy redhead from now. It doesn't appear that Vicky is having too much arguing about the way things are happening.

The Quite OddParents CR

2 April 21

You've never seen hentai parodies of hentai comics featuring muscular, sluty redheads or cocky men with big bods. Don't worry, Timmy and Vicky will have lots of fun tonight! It's simple to read and full color.

Maid to Serve

31 March 21

Although it may not seem obvious, Timmy is surrounded by many chicks. According to official tales and legends, most of these chicks bring trouble to our man. However, we're not within any official boundries. Now we are in the world hentai parody and Timmy can have all the bitches he likes whenever and wherever he pleases! He is going to start his adventure with a hot brunette milf...

(Milky Bunny) Babysitter Under Control

17 March 21

Vicky wasn't Timmy's favorite babysitter... however, this was before Timmy had some musculles and his cock started to get difficult every time he saw a sexy redhead. That's where thewhole situation is heading. Vicky still visits Timmy, but the job she does isn't really qualify as babysitting. You can witness it all yourself.