Flintstones Sex

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Prehistoric wifey swap

17 April 18

You won't see familiar animation characters here but it is way too obvious - this manga porn parody minigame was defenitely inspired by the popular TV showcase"The Flintstones". The concept is simple - two dudes are fucking two girls whose supposed to be their wives but as you have most likely already guessed form the title they exchanged them. For what reasons they decided to do that and whose idea it wa sin the first-ever location is staying behind the stage since this whole game (which is actually more like an intercative animation) will be picturing only the bang-out scenes. Just don't forget that you can click on the"exchange" button to enjoy the other couple at any moment o fthe game (before the game will end ofocurse). Also click on the"currency" button to perform the money-shot instantly.


30 April 19

While the kids have grown up, their mommies remain as sexy as ever. It's only a matter time before the Flintstoens or the Rubbles discover new ways to exchange neighbourhoods! This parody comic shows how prehistoric swinging sex has never been so vibrant and exciting!

Funkstone Second part

30 April 19

Once again Wilma Flintstone and her neighbor-slash-best-grilfriend Betty Rubble are going to proove the thing that you have probably known all the time - it is no matter are you the redhead or the brunette because a slutty wife is always a slutty wife! You will also see additional sexual encounters in the comic. You are now in the world of prehistorical cheating!