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03030 [Ozashiki]

29 November 22

Tia Halibel form "Bleach" is hiding her face often but according to this comics she should be hiding something else- she should be hiding her extra huge futanari cock! On the other side this is a hentai parody comics so showing it will bring her to what she desires the most much and much sooner... just don't forget that for each futanari cockthere always will be a futanari cock that is even bigger!

The Raging Professor

29 November 22

If you like games about science and inventions, as well as hump and debauchery, then this interactive game is for you. So, in a closed military laboratory, Professor Adam invented a new substance. The substance has very unusual properties. If you connect it to a watch, it will stop time. Adam recalls his school days... At school, Adam was considered a bore and awkward. But now it's time to take revenge. Adam comes out and sees the familiar girl Stephanie. She scoffed at Adam. But Adam starts the device, and time stops. Now Stephanie is in his mitts. First, Adam strips Stephanie. Then she fucks her tight vulva and wet mouth. Then Adam fucks Stephanie in a round donk. Oh yes.. Buttfuck punishment... And after that, she pours her face with hot sperm and leaves. Definitely this device will help Adam fuck any damsel in town... Let's start the game right now.

Nami no Ura Koukai Nisshi Ten

29 November 22

It is clear that Nami has earned a very certain weight inside the pirate community so whenever she wants to have some fun in the bedroomall that she needs to do isto make just one phone calland three biggest and hardest cocks will be at her disposal in no time! And after that even the fact that all the texts here are in japanese language won't let you to stop reading till the very last page!

[Jlullaby] Lapissed [Russian]

30 November 22

Even if you are a total newbie in the lore of "Steven Universe" then you are still going to enjoy this parody comics because unlike the original story this one has one simple idea - cute looking chick is serving extra huge black cock with her mouth and later with her deep throat! And if you are actually interested then this cocksucking bitch is actually non other than Lapis Lazuli!

Jenny's Gym Lessons - Part 2

30 November 22

"Jenny's Gym Lessons" is a series of simple erotic games where you will be playing as some dude taking gym lessons from instructor Jenny in private order. So get ready for your second lesson! If in the first part (which you should check before playing this one) there was a little bit of story and dialogs here most of the actions will be focused on lovemaking. Really, why would you waste your payed time on preparations when Jenny already knows that you want your hard cock to be sucked and that she doesn't mind to do that? Just use left and right buttons on your keyboard to switch between scenes and enjoy amazing blowjob from nude Jenny from first person perspective! And don't forget to check our website not only for teh first part bugt for the third part of this game series as well!