Birthday Party

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Blonde Rodeo

10 July 18

Today is Blondie's brithday and to celebrate it properly she and her friends are going to the club made in wild west style... but there is something else that she wants to ride even more than electrical bull! By the way, this game is made with using of real movie clips with real erotic models. The genre of this game suppose you as a player to built the dilaog betwen guys and gals in order to turn this party into bang-out orgy. So try to choose only those options that will please the brithday lady (which means no lazer tag today) or you are going to hit game over screen in no time! But in case you will make the right choice you will see how Blondie and her girlfriends will be having fun with young cowboy stud when everyone is young, horney and hardly dressed!

Birthday Surprise

22 March 22

Birthday celebration for fur beauty. The party was full swing, and all the guests brought gifts. This beauty is still waiting for a surprise. He's already in the room. The little girl walks in and is greeted by a large, muscular fur beast. If she asks, he will satisfy her. It makes no sense to decline such an offer. The beauty removes her clothes for sex. The beast approaches the beauty and begins to kiss her from head to foot, stopping at her intimate places. Watch the video.

B-day gift!

3 October 18

Dark night. Your girlfriend has a birthday and you decide to give him a present. You go to a nightclub and talk to one of the dolls. She agrees to be a gift. But she has a fetish. This is bondage & discipline. You agree and the fun starts. So your friend comes to the club and enters the room. Look at the gal. She is gorgeous. She has a round butt and large watermelons with pink nipples. In the room, the gal sees a muscular guy with a whip. He orders the gal to undress and go to bed. And then begins to slap her whip on the culo. In addition, the dude fucks the gal with a thick pipe in her moist mouth. Hell. It is getting interesting. Use your mouse to interact with the game. Fuck a huge-titted bitch and humiliate her so that she reaches a multiple orgasm. Are you ready to hold a bondage & discipline session? Then begin it right now.

Wendy B-day Party Part 2

29 June 18

This is a 3D game in which Wendy plans to make an ill-fated celebration of her birthday. therefore just in case you've got already contend the primary part, then we tend to invite you to continue your party! half 2 begins by showing you another characters having an attractive time along, and now they are near to become Chloe and anna. But, as we know, this can be wherever individuals appear to feel if somebody is obtaining arranged somewhere, therefore for a brief time they gather a definite company to expand and share the fun. By the way, if you happen to induce stuck, simply attempt typewriting within the word "gift" to induce a touch of what to try and do. Let's begin the game.}

Wendy bday party Part 1

5 July 18

Yoou might remeber this woman named Wendy from othe rgames form this studio. And if you do then you know for sure that she always brings arousal to th eparty... peculiarly if this is her own brithday party! But there is a problem - there are way too more dolls among guest and definitely not enough guys... but is this actually a rpoblem for such part woman as Wendy? Not to ruin the following story lets talk about gameplay. Most of the scenes (made in 3D by the way) are played as point and click quests. Each time the cursor is visible you have to carry out an action by using following controls: elementary click, double click, click-and-move or come-and-go. More detailed description of these action you can find at the"how to play" section in the main menu. And you really should check them - it might be very useful if you don't want to get stuck in the first scene and to see not only how the story will end but also how many fuck-fest scenes there will be!