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Magic Dorm

16 October 22

You are a plumber and a local sorority called you to fix their pipes. As you inspect the college dorm, you encounter many slutty college girls, and get into some schoolgirl action. These horny girls need dick and love to suck the cock.The college girls also have tons of sex toys and show you how to use a dildo in their tight pussy. You even get to enjoy a sexy magic show, with demon babes riding dick.

School Occasion

9 May 21

In this game on computers, the main character is a student! Only you will be able to back to this site not as an admirer, but as a part with those masters of the past and the Turks may soon follow your every time they have questions. One of those female students that may require additional concerns could be a pretty girl known as Stacy. Stacy is waiting for you at the school, and even though you didn't make this arrangement along with her but you can't relax, but you can watch her. Speaking is a bit difficult, but don't be worried - you'll require a variety of relevant silent health services to observe once the event is over. Sexual scenes are played as a mini-game that is played every day, so you won't just be a spectator, which will add variety to the enjoyment of this game. Let the fun begin.

School Life Part 2

7 May 21

Another one game which tells about both hard and arousing parts of college students lives. So if you always liked both clever and sexy ladies in uniform then you are going to like Julia - one of your classmates in the game. The thing is that there is one very important examination coming shortly and you are clearly need for someone's help in getting ready for it. And there is scarcely anyone who can help you nicer than Julia thanks to her very particular approach - because of giving her proper answers (in quiz mode) she will let you to fuck her as reward! But very first you will have to probe some history together with her which actually will proove the point that games can be not only fun but also enlightening... even though this is anime porn game about hot students!

Fuck Town: School Life 3

10 April 21

This is your third visit to the Fucktown College however this time you won't be playing as horny student again because this time you will eventually get the opportunity to play as a teacher! And it seems that you are pretty good at doing your work since almost all of your students has succesfully finished the examination session already... most but not all of them - there is still one gal named Sophia who has not even displayed up on your lectures during the semester nevertheless she still needs to pass your check-up. How is she planning to do that? Obviously not by the skill of your subject - that's for sure! But luckily this story happens in Fucktown so there is always an alternative method to get what you want... and to have some kinky funtime whilst doing that ofcourse!

Fuck Town: Sports Dispute

10 April 21

Your name is Mike. You are the teacher of physical education and sports training at a college. A beautiful lady named Helen, who works as cleaner will suggest you a sports dispute... Wish you luck!

Fabulous College Quiz

10 April 21

During your very first visit to this college you already can say who is in charge here - the hot looking milf with the fattest tits named Delilah Monroe. And getting a bit forward you will get your chance to stand a private examination against her yet before this glorious moment will happen you will have to deal with few other"bosses" - the other schoolteachers! Each fo them will probably be aksing you a pile of questions (in a form of quiz) based on their specializations and ofcourse if you'll happen to display some mastery (or luck) they will reward you perosnally too. Besides quiz stages there are several quest and even simlator elements added so explore locations and schedules so as to produce your staying this collge the most effective.

Virtua Playa MX

7 April 21

In this game you will try to develop into the local playboy who can entice and fuck any chick in the neighbourhood... or at least you will mak e an endeavor to do that because in this game you will have to be both nice and ultra-kinky with teh woman syou will happen to meet and this is wher ethe main challenge comes out - there will be moments when you have to be nice and moments when you have to be ultra-kinky nonetheless it will be entirely up to you to decide which moment has come. You will face many conditions that are unique in different locations and only your choices will define how each woman will react on your actions so it is quite posisble that gal will either go out with you or that she will become no longer available. By the way to consider yourself a winner you have to get laid with at least three women during one walkthrough.

Holy Hell High Alpha Demo

26 June 19

In this game you may meet a adult male named mike. So, your name is mike and you're additionally finding out at the regional highschool. You're a youthfull and homicidal male horse. They prefer to talk over with you concerning dolls. However, they are doing not apprehend that at midnight you have got another life. You're a member of this paranormal club. When the varsity closes, you and also the different accomplices within the class match up. These ar lovely dolls that love horror and shivery stories. Therefore the day comes and you comeback to category. You detect a youthfull nymph. She became a part of this club. You begin to talk more with horror movies, however you would like sexy concepts in your mind. Then successive nymph seems. She dresses sort of a punk. You begin to argue that horror moving-picture display is your scariest... the conclude moon sets within. Therefore, to converse with this game, use your keyboard and mouse.

Sexy Campus Delivery Pizza

24 June 19

In direct line with its name, in this game, you'll be playing as a pizza delivery man, but obviously your day at work will be very unique since you're working on the campus of your college! You can probably imagine the number of gorgeous ladies you are likely to meet this evening! What you can also expect is that not allof them have enough money to provide you with the right advice, so they'll try to reward you in a variety of other ways... but only if you do your job correctly, of course! There will be other exciting and fascinating aspects, but clearly it's more enjoyable to explore everything on your own however, don't waste time, because as in real life, you could end up getting no compensation for delay!

College Bound Part 1

24 June 19

"College Bound" is a visual novel about a couple of students having a road journey on one old Volkswagen camper van. Can there be anythiong more amorous? And now just add well made artstly based CG models and you already know - you wish to play this game! You will be playing as male student who happened to go in the same college with your childhood friend who now has growned up into indeed hot looking youthful woman. So don't be surprised when this journey which presumed to remind about good old day will also bring up a lot of good moments in the future... In case if you'll enjoy this game you might support author on his webpage and may be you will see the subsequent parts of this game (if they are not released yet at the moment you will be playing this one ofcourse).

Break: The Rematch (Demo) (v2)

20 June 19

This is erotic interactive story about youthfull student named Shinn Akatsuki. But truly interesting his lifestyle gets when he has an opportunty to perform at his high school while being college student. Now he will have to do everything he can to stay on this endeavor by making everyone around him t think that he is a flawless candidate not only for this job but for everything else in school's life. And only the player will know that really this gus is not so virginal and he wants everyony to think that he is flawless for one reason - so he could easier entice every buxomy gal he will get a chance with! Among his future victories you will discover a good deal of different girls who will be joind to his ultimate fuckfest harem... if you will be able to help him with that ofcourse.

Ayanami Rei 00

30 April 19

The beginning of the many of the slutty adventures of curvy student Ayanami Rei will start with a cute and nerdy-looking teacher who's regular masturbation sessions in the bathroom got more attractive with her appearance at this college. Of course, they'll have many exciting private meetings at various times and locations after that, and more in the next chapters!

Sexy School Quiz!

21 March 19

You are a college student in Springfield. You meet the director - this really is a lovely and big-titted middle-aged lady. Her name is Miss Monroe. She has large boobies and a ultra-cute smile. All college students want to fuck Miss Monroe, but all of them failed. You have to fix the situation. So your duty is to discover the key to the core of Miss Monroe. For this you will need to assemble the necessary information, learn dirty secrets and act decisively. In your adventures, you will meet other damsels in college. Answer their questions and fuck them. And then they will be able to supply you with the necessary information to reach the major purpose. So in case you would like to bust big-titted Miss Monroe you want to begin playing at this time.

Campus 2

24 July 18

This is the second chapter in the 3D game series, and as is often the case for games that are not studio-based there's a code at the beginning of the first chapter prior to being able to play this one. Therefore, you'll need to play the first chapter which is recommended as because the game's selection is narrative and orienting to temperament. If, however, you do not have the code memorized and you do know it, you'll play the second one. Alyssa the beautiful lady from the previous installment will be hosting her first night of faculty. You can assist her in the role of an participant. Make a phone call, if needed and then follow the stroy to find out how happy these nights at the university are usually after you meet an attractive lady, or when your choices are likely to be dangerous. Let the game begin.

Meet and fuck college sexy quizz

8 July 18

Becoming a student and trying to pass a plenty of of different tests during a very limited time might be quite boring and exhaustng... but not for those of you who will become students in this new erotic game from"Meet and Fuck" series! And because you hav eprobably expected the number one objective for you as the student of college is not to find any diplomas - your one and only objective would be to fuck the best chick this place has! But before that you will have to earn yourself plenty of experience by seducing other women all around. And this is the place where the quiz gameplay comes in - each of these chicks you will be trying to lure is the teacher of certain subject and in case you'll amaze her by your knowledges then she will gladly offer you not only an A grade but also A class fucking also!

Sigma versus Omega 1st Lush

29 June 18

Two jealous college girls doing nasty things to each other. Occasionally it is very serious. This time our sexy Emo or Goth style girl, anything, dressed like a guy invites blond one so far. What she has on her mind?

Slutty Lecturer

23 June 18

In a typical American college, there is a lesson on the background of the country. The chesty teacher tells interesting things. Her name is Sendy. There is a student in her class. Her name is Rita. The class was left by her because she has a headache. In fact, she decided to have orgy in a room that was medical. Because the doc that functions there is a fucking sexy boy. Rita comes into the office and undresses. Then she lies down on the couch. The boy starts to fuck Rita in her taut and pink snatch. And also lick her big tits and pink nips. This goes on for quite a long time and Rita is already ready to explode from multiple orgasms. These are the sexual stories that occur in an ordinary college.

Lesson of Passion Extended

7 May 18

This is your chance to get on a date with non besides famous eroic model Aria Giovanni! Ofcourse this is going to be just a virtual date but you still will get your lesson of passion! To start with you should observe that this game is not one of those where you get the woman after clicking a couple of times - that this game is in fact a dating simulator. Which means that before you will get Aria's focus you will have to get yourself into proper condition. Pay a visit to university to get smarter or fitness club to get stronger. Ofcourse there will be other options besides simply upgrading your statitistics but this is something that you will have to find out by yourself to keep the game interesting. Each day have a limited number of actions so you nicer not to rush and think about yourschedule for every single day if you want to succeed.

College Romance

4 May 18

You play as a guy named Mike. You come from a hit family and you don't pay for anything. But now the ultimate was made by your parents for you - if this is the case, you may bring one person with you on a dream vacation, you have 30 days to pass all exams.

Deserted School

1 May 18

The protagonist of the game may be a native journalist who must realize a fantastic story regarding Hallowe'en. You find out associate abandoned faculty on a town street and go there to search out out its narrative. Rumor has it that years past there was a gas leak at the faculty that killed fountains of individuals. Thus, you head to the faculty. You see many points on the display wherever you are going to opt for wherever to travel. You inject the key room and see a youthfull curvy lady with blue hair. Her name is Cathy. Thus, you begin a dialogue. Opt for the correct choices, and you would possibly be able to have it away with curvy Katie. After that, head to faculty and you may understand more attention-grabbing places to travel. If you are prepped, without delay we're off on a dangerous and dirty journey.

Fuck Town School Life 3

22 March 18

There's a gorgeous girl who is employed at a nearby school. There are many amazing girls in the faculty, and this tale is about each of them. Every day starts with a variety of perceptions about locations and the decisions taken by various characters. While this faculty is present it is not the only opportunity to meet a hot young lady over dinner or in the lobby. Talk to them and write down your goals. Finish your work and a variety of people will keep the track of your expenditures... Some are completely different. The main objective is to find a person who is interested in trying to locate books, and who is willing to make a an informed decision regarding the discipline of sensory communication and not... well the entire discipline. Let's begin with the most intriguing today.