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Tsukikage Sakura

30 April 19

Long hair brunette with lovely big tits and a tiny school uniform is a great character for a hentai-themed parody manga! And if you have ever would like to see the sweet Kagome from "Inuyasha" seriesto be dominating by all-penetrating tentacles (and not only by them)somewhere in the dark forest, then this hentai parody comic is precisely what you're looking for! It's also available in full colorformat this time!


30 April 19

The story is full of action. It will initially be a very serious conflict that will escalate into a brutal battle, and then transform into carnal hardcore Fucking! A number of the principal characters from the "Inuyasha" series are involved in this story, and If you know their families and backgrounds then you will be enthralled even more!

Mind Control Your Chief

4 June 18

Interesting and arousing flash game about an office worker who came into conflict with the manager. The working day commences with the fact that the chief calls the employee to the office and scolds him for awful work. The protagonist goes to his office and reads mail. Certainly, there is very little interesting than complaints regarding his work. The protagonist becomes evil. He wishes to hack the manager's mail, but for this he needs an admin password. He enters the manager's office and looks for a password... So now you take control in your mitts. Be careful if the manager catches you to get the thieves - the game is over. You must locate a password to turn your revenge. Perhaps the manager does not underestimate you and you are not like everyone else...