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Whatfuk 2 [English]

17 March 21

The magical stronghold was taken by wood elves who won the battle. The girls decide to take a break and relax. They don't have to change and they start to kiss. They feel the love within their souls. The Lady then begins to fist-fuck another girl's pussy, making her moan and spit. Fisting is part and parcel of sexual pleasure even when there's no male meat sausage. Let's find out how this ended.

[Joel Jurion] Scoubidou [English]

17 March 21

Daphne searched for rings inside an abandoned home. Rumours say that ghosts guard the house, but Daphne doesn't fear difficulties. Daphne begins to feel strange gusts of wind as she walks through the home. She also feels rustling in the corners. Daphne gets grabbed by a person suddenly. She looks up and sees a ghost. Daphne is ripped off her clothes by the ghost who uses mental suppression. The ghost makes Daphne suck his ghostly cock. The comic will continue the story.

Whatfuk (English)

28 May 21

A dark-skinned, attractive elfgirl is enjoying a day in the woods with her close friend and a big man with a big and hard cock. Could you imagine this being adapted from the show "WakFu"? Okay, this is not an episode, but just a parody comics of the hentai. But, you want to watch Evangeline do all these dirty things, don’t you?