Kiff Kroker

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Four Better or For Worse [Pieter Antonissen]

2 April 21

Four Better or For Worse [Pieter Antonissen] Amy Wong Leela Turanga Philip J. Fry LaBarbara Conrad Kiff Kroker Bender Bending Rodriguez Zapp Brannigan Futurama


31 March 21

Futurama Amy Wong Leela Turanga Philip J. Fry Fang Kiff Kroker Bender Bending Rodriguez Zapp Brannigan Futurama

[Erik Heltner] Housewife At Play (Futurama)

31 March 21

You might remember Amy Wong from cartoon series "Futurama" as a snarky character, but it appears she would like her relationship with Kif to be special. Naturally, it's going to be difficult to attain... as well as being thrilling! From the tips of her closest friends to the latest tricks she has discovered from other worlds There will be plenty for Amy and Kif to test on these pages!