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A Night With Angel

2 April 21

This game is a very interesting experiment in genre of text games but don't worry - you will get the opportunity to enjoy some graphics also. If you don't mind of some gay-oriented anime porn scenes ofcourse. The story embarks at some dirty and seems to be desrted city street where our main character meets Angel who is not some mythical angel but just really super-cute looking man with blonde hairs and loev for hook-up and cash. Now you can choose what will happen between them next by making choices depending not only on what you want to see next but also on the amount of currency you have left. Game is not going to take too much of your time for one walkthrough so you could easily replay it couple more times with alternative decisions if you get interested.

Pigglet in Mrs. Big Bad Werewolf ALPHA v.0.285

2 April 21

There is a restaurant that has not enough clients as there are plenty of monster damsels working there? Well, that certainly won't stop Pigglet from visiting it! Especially if there is a chance to receive a free meal!! But as most of us know nothing is in fact given for free so Pigglet will have to make his way through a lot of obstacles like not onlytalking or solving a puzzles but even fighting - everything to have a lady's heart to be able to have some great food away from her. Interesting and pretty varios arcade game with a lot of elements and unusual pixelart based graphic style makes it even closer to these uncommon dishes - you also don't have to like it but you certainly have to taste it before saying"no". And in case you're going to enjoy it then examine our website for some other of Pigglet's adventures!