Samantha Manson

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Camp Woody - Camp Chaos

25 May 21

Raven and Gwen visited the forest campus to get a better understanding of the scouting process. It was discovered that the camp was actually doing entirely different activities. For instance, all campers have group sex in the evening. Hm. Gwen knows she'll love the experience. What do you do with Raven? Public sex isn't something she would like to do. Gwen could have some solutions. It is possible to see the solution when you read this porn comic today.

Camp Woody

2 April 21

There's no need to worry about your summer camp being boring or boring if you've not been there Danny Phantom style. What exactly does this mean? It's about having all of the fun you can with the hotties starting with hot teens, and finishing with mature milfs. This summer's lineup includes outdoor sex as well as double penetration!

Song of lust

31 March 21

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