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Fuck Town Personal Trainings

29 November 22

New interactive story from Fucktown where you will get the chance to play as the successfull gymnastic coach with a lot of champions trained under your command and because of that having certain reputation. And when one of your old friends has decided that it is time for her young and beautiful daughter to take her place in the big sports she already know who exactly she is going to call - ofcourse it is you! But barely she knows anything about the special methods you are using when it comes to training future olympic champions according to your special individual program... Just don't forget that this is only a game and it is made just for adult fun and not supposed to represent any relations between any students and their trainers at all.

Lisa Gym Test

29 November 22

Cute and full-bosomed woman Lisa came to the athletic facility to own a personal sweat along with her muscle trainer. This can be an enormous Negro with an enormous and thick knob in his pants. He's terribly rude and abrupt and needs Lisa to follow all his directions. To start with, the coach orders attractive Lisa to squeeze out of the ground. However there's one downside. Lisa's ar extremely thick and saucy, and that they interfere with traditional athletic performance. The coach is furious and tears off Lisa's sports shirt. Wow. Simply look into her immense melons. They have to be kneaded and defeated each day. The trainer suggests a unique sweat. He dashes his pants and Lisa sees his thick black man sausage. She desires him without delay. And when a handful of moments, Lisa rides an enormous black dick and starts jumping thereon. Relish this flash game immediately.

Leafs Safari Venture

29 November 22

Young brown-haired Dawn went to the lake to swim and sunbathe. But an evil pokemon jumped out of the water, which has other intentions. He rips off Dawn's clothes and starts licking her peaches and sucking on herhard nipples. Dawn isgetting wet and definitely wants to mate with this rampaging Pokemon. She spreads her legsand the pokemon fucks Dawn in her tight cuntleaving slippery marks.

Sports Damsel

29 November 22

In this game you will try yourself as the trainer of female gymnastics team. There is one very important competition ahead and one of your dolls is training as hard as she can by spending hours aafter hours at the gym. As a good trainer you know that only training no matter how hard it is won't work without a proper spirit and cheering so now it is up to you to find the best way to make this doll to feel herself very special... Game tells you the story in interactive mmode - during the dialog you will need to choose proper phrases to make the story go further while at the more"active" scenes you will be playing simple minigames. Overall you should not expect any hardcore or tricky gameplay and be sure that sooner or later you will get your portion of hentai anyways.

Iincho 3

29 November 22

Story about two girls and their tennis trainer. As usually in Japanese games everyone is horny as fuck and the only thing characters are thinking about is sex. So pressNext button when you see it. You'll have to play ping-pong tennis in the middle of the game.

Individual trainer

29 November 22

Very helpful training program for fat men who want to lost their weight. When he comes to special closed room he has to catch his sexy naked personal trainer and he will be able to fuck herbut next time when he comes there will be another better surprise.

Slave Lords Of The Galaxy [v 0.2.5]

29 November 22

Damn interesting flash game in which you will learn the story of a galactic pirate who decided to become a gimp owner. So far future., Planet Ecstasy. A gimp trader arrives at the galactic marketplace and buys a gimp. She is from a distant star in the constellation Cygnus. The gimp is able to speak the galactic language and fuck with some forms of humanoids. Your ship has a gimp training room. There you can teach a gimp chick how to fuck with aliens, anthropomorphs, gorriloids and brute-dogs. Each new skill increases the value of the gimp. Then you can sell the gimp chick on the industry and get a big jackpot. Then buy a couple more subs to teach them galactic lesbo bang-out. So let's start playing the game right now.

Losing a Pokemon Battle

29 November 22

From this animated parody you will see what happens with pokemon trainer Dawn after she loses a battle. She has no money to pay to winner but she has something else - tight wet beaver hidden under her adorable white panties. Well, it will do just fine to pay her debts for now. This is one of those parodies where you won't find any gameplay at all - from the beginning to the end it is one solid animation. On the other side nothing will distract you from liking the process and you will get your portion of hentai fucky-fucky anyway depsite your gamer skills! In case if you are looking for gameplay even from hentai parodies then you can check our website - there you will see a lot of hentai parodies on"Pokemon" series including both animations and games! Enjoy!

Slaves of Amir

30 November 22

Slaves of Amir is a new interactive RPG bang-out game. So you are the feudal lord of the local land. In the morning you wake up from the fact that you were awakened by a stupid guard. He informs you that he has found a new sub. You're not happy. How is this sub different from thousands of others. The guard says this sub is special. He is smart and adequate. Maybe it's worth a look at him. You send a guard on duty and dress. First you need to check the castle premises. In the bedroom, you see a guard fucking a servant. Well, let him have fun. With such thoughts, you come to the basement door. Heck. She is locked. You need to find the key.. So you have to help the protagonist complete all his missions.

Fuck Town: Personal Trainings

30 November 22

If you will decide to visit the Fucktown today then get ready to play the role of quite succesfull coach at gymnastics school. You have trained a lot of students and many of them has taken the main prizes on lots of different competitions so your fame is now going a little bit forward of you. Even your old friend which has decided to send her daughter named Jade in this sport wants you to took her in your personal training programm. Ofcourse you will have to meet with Jade one on one so you could personally check not only the flexibility of this young lady but her willingness to follow your most strange instructions as well. By these strange directions we mean all the kinky things that usually hapens in Fucktown and which makes you to get back here again and again...