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Whatfuk 2 [English]

17 March 21

You will find all the action, magic, and adventures you need to know about in "Wakfu". Our comics areeven more amazing because, besides all these things, our comics have two important differences. The gals in our vesion are way better equipped and don't hesitate to use their yummy goodies! Hot action can come in many forms...

[Rafchu] WakFemmes (Wakfu) [English]

2 April 21

This is a colorful and intense xxx adventure that takes place within the realm of Wakfu that will allow you to see how these gorgeous chicks do sex. The story opens with the main protagonists dominating the third character in the dungeon. But soon, a new (or lesser-known) character appears and brings new entertainments for both the readers as well as the characters.

Whakfuta Academy

2 April 21

Sex is an instinctual thing. It is no surprise that anyone who has any connection with natural magic should also be trained in sex. The sexy girls from "Wakfu", the series, are no exception. They have to take special courses at their academy where they will learn how they handle large and difficult cocks. Enjoy!

[Nishi06] Wakfu Doujinshi (Wakfu)

2 April 21

[Nishi06] Wakfu Doujinshi (Wakfu) Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm Wakfu

[AHEAHEAD] RMAT Vol. 04 - Vous connaissez Wakfu? (Wakfu)

2 April 21

This manga is a classic example of a short hentai-themed manga. It's based on the popular, at least for ages cartoon series "Wakfu". It does have some classic elements, such as the japanese languageused and the absence of color. However, you should still check it. It is short and contains sexual scenes.

Whatfuk (English)

28 May 21

A dark-skinned, attractive elfgirl is enjoying a day in the woods with her close friend and a big man with a big and hard cock. Could you imagine this being adapted from the show "WakFu"? Okay, this is not an episode, but just a parody comics of the hentai. But, you want to watch Evangeline do all these dirty things, don’t you?