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Whatfuk (English)

28 May 21

Dark skinned, sexy looking elfgirl is enjoying herself in the woods with her close friend and a big man with a huge and hard cock. Can you imagine that this would be the description of an episode from the "WakFu" series? Okay, it's this is not an official episode, of course but a hentai-themed parody of comics... but it's true that you want to watch Evangeline doing the filthy things, don't?

[AHEAHEAD] RMAT Vol. 04 - Vous connaissez Wakfu? (Wakfu)

2 April 21

This is actually a an excellent example of a short manga with a hentai theme based on the popular (at at least some time back) cartoon series "Wakfu". It also has distinctive elements of classic manga like the fact that it's in japanese language, and is not colored, but you must check it out - it's not long, and it will include sexual scenes featuring several of the main characters!

[Nishi06] Wakfu Doujinshi (Wakfu)

2 April 21

[Nishi06] Wakfu Doujinshi (Wakfu) Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm Wakfu

Whakfuta Academy

2 April 21

Sex is an innate thing therefore it shouldn't come as an unwelcome surprise that anyone who is connected to natural magic must be a professional in everything that is sex-related and. Yes, the sexy girls from "Wakfu" series are not the only ones to be careful and must complete specialized courses at their academy where they learn to manage large and hard female cocks in the right way. Enjoy!

[Rafchu] WakFemmes (Wakfu) [English]

2 April 21

A vibrant and exciting adventure in the world of "Wakfu" that will let you know the quality of these gorgeous ladies are at sexual sex! The story begins with twomain characters battling over the third in the dungeon, as is usual however, soon enough a new (or at the very least, less well-known) characters take to the stage to bring fresh entertainments for them as well as for the viewers...

Whatfuk 2 [English]

17 March 21

Action, magic, adventure - all of these you can find in the world of "Wakfu"! However, our comics are superior because, in addition to all of these, our cartoon universe is distinguished by two key distinctions - the girls in our vesion is way better equipped and aren't afraid to put their tasty treats to great use! Hot action can take various forms...