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50 shades of grey – Meet and…

29 November 22

You don't have to be the worshipper of quite popular book"50 shades of grey" to enjoy this hentai game since it is relly going to be about bdsm intercourse and not some fictional dramas of billionare playboy. Another one good reason to play this game is the fact that adventure is going to be interactive and you will be associationg yourself with main character of the story more easily. Thsi story begins with you finding the very secret club by the strange invitation send to you by one of your friends. At the door you meet big-titted mistress in uniform which will let you in only because you got this flyer invitation form Rachel... and only in the dark basement you will see that Rachel is actually already here and even more - she has already put on some very sexy leather costume and can't wait to have fun with you under the command of the mistress!

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