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Amazon Island 2

29 November 22

The second a part of a stimulating interactive game a few treasure hunter who visited rummage around for treasures on an unknown continent on the ocean shelf. So, the treasure hunter was captured by a tribe of untamed and cruel Amazons. He's being taken to the village to be burned at the stake. He is utterly naked, however he includes a large dick. He likes the glorious bronze ass-cheeks of the native Amazons. Also, these ladies have massive and large Tits. Use the mouse to require a better consider them. Therefore the treasure hunter was taken to the village to the native Queen. This can be a pretty and sonsy Amazon. However it's terribly sharp. She orders the most character to be bound to her stone throne. Suddenly, lightning and clouds seem within the sky. The volcano wakes up and a volcanic rock eruption begins. Currently you need to run... however you need to facilitate the Amazons save the traditional land. What to do? The selection is yours.

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