Desire Conformity Part 2

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Desire and Conformity Part 2

31 January 23

This game ill continue the story from"Desire and Submission" about Alancy and her adventures in the Malfort Castle where she lives after she has married Florian. Probably you remeber that Florian has a set of quite special requirements to his new wife and even had to instruct her some basic rules of obedience. In this game he will not only keep training Alancy for new tricks but even will make an attempt to presnet her to his closest friends during one very unique party. As a player you will help Alancy to pass all the tests so she could become the wife that Florian was dreaming about. It is suggested to check"how to play" tutorial when you have not played games from this studio before and obviously it is strongly advisable to play the part one first-ever.