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Fuck Mates

29 November 22

Smelly muff, smelly muff... Probably this is how would sound the famous sonfg from the TV comedy series"Friends" if it had turned into hentai parody. But wait a minute... is this Charlie? Then this is definitely porn parody on"Friends". And it explains why there is a word fuck was added to the title... So get ready to see your beloved characters as you have never seen them before - they will spend only half of the time making jokes while the other half of the time they will try to grab some big globes or fuck some raw beaver. And it is demonstrable that it is going to be Chrlie's muff. Enjoy the scene and choose one of trhee options to see how this scene will end... and usualy it will end with one of Charlie's fuckholes being used. After that you can check other options or continue the main story.

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