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29 November 22

The sci-fi adventure at its finest - mysterious spaceship, locking and unlocking doors, futuristic designs, blaster in your hands and ofcourse a bunch of space amazons as your enemies! Get through the halls and corridors trying to survive in this battle with armed, dangerous but at the same time so sexy looking foes which non the less are much greater in numbers... but are they as good when it comes to skills? Aim and shoot to proove that they were vey worng when decided to stand against you, find your way to the bosses and defeat them as well! After that you will get some very special rewards yet telling you about them now might just ruin the surprises... but according to the website that you are playing this game at you probaly have some idea on what it might be.

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10 mìnüs (5 mültîρly bÿ 4) ädd 2   =

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