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Pussymon 23

29 November 22

This is vignette 23 of Pussymon Saga and it is going to be some sort of continuation of both gigs 21 and 23 so don't be surprised that you will find here mor econtent than usual. By the way 23rd vignette is titled quite promising as"A New Quest". The game begins with undercover mission when you and your group of pussymon hunters sneak into the city and try to do everything to stay unnoticed by the city guards at least until you will get to the fluffy Castle. Will you succeed in this or not, what adventure will be waiting for you in this castle and more important - what kinds of new sexy pussymons you will be able to find here - answers for all these questions you will find only if you will play this awesome and a litl ebit special epsiode by yourself!

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