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Spunky Moments: Teacher's Pet

29 November 22

Ever wanted to become educator's pet? And if this educator is hot redhead milf with big tits and very exposing style of clothing? Already pressed the start button? So you will be playing as male student named Robert. Mrs Canis is his educator (according to her looks as you have read them in the beginning of this game description). Looks like Robert has some problems with his grades and Mrs Canis wants him to stay after lessons to talk about it. During the dialog scenes you'll be able to choose between several answering options and they will affect on the mini ending of the scene (which can be up tp 8 so no wonder if you will want to replay the game a couple more times). Ofcourse there will be endings without any sexual scenes at all but it oly means that your choosing was poor and you should try another line of behavior next time.

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