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The Curse of Cracklevania

29 November 22

The very title of this parody gives away the connection with the famous arcade actiongame series "Castlevania". And actually this is pretty much the same things you will be doing here - exploring locations while trying to defeat or to escape the many many enemies all around! But ofcourse with one important addition - if the main heroine will get caught the she will get... literally fucked! That's right - this is not just a parody but this is a hentai parody! Plus the main heroine is one hot looking furryso add one more point to the list ofreasonswhy you should play this game if you happen to be the fan of furry themed hentai! And few words about the control scheme: use arrow keys to move, press S to jump, use S Down arrow key to slide, use A to attack, press Space to change special weapon, and use AUp arrow key to use special weapon.

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