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There's a lot of AMP to choose from, even if I just stick to the hook-up games with higher ratings. My choices are Top Rated, Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Dress-Up, and Cartoon. These AMP are all played straight from the website, so you won't need to worry about things like registration, downloading, and other annoying shit that can really take the air out of your nuts. It also makes it easy to play multiple games all at the same time, for you multitasking fappers out there. Don't play too long. Marathon gaming can be a fun way to pass the time, however, it can have a leading negative impact on your health. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can leave your back in pain and the repetitive motion of controlling the game can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Make sure to take frequent breaks when gaming, and get up and move around away from the television or monitor to give your body and eyes a rest.

Tsunade hentai horse fuck

29 November 22

Beautiful and busty girl Tsunade came of age. On this momentous day, she decided to ride the stallion to celebrate. They set off on their journey. Tsunade definitely looks older than her age. She has big and juicy boobs and a tight ass. Tsunade isa little tired from the walk and stops to rest in the meadow. But the stud definitely wants something else. He walks up to the girl and starts licking her big tits. Tsunade wakes up to the sensation. She definitely likes it. She looks at the fat stud and the big horse cockand wants to taste it. And then maybe have sex! Use your mouse to interact with the game. Find out how Tsunade and the stallion's story ends in this online game right now.

Subway Slut: elder and young hook-up

29 November 22

This interesting intercourse flash game is made as a novel in Japanese. But if you don't know the language, you should still give this game a chance - all the activities take place on the display during well-drawn and colorful scenes, most of which are animated! And there will definitely be something to love: a hot and big-chested doll, which is also dressed quite sexually positively, enters a crowded subway train. Of course, there is always an elderly pervert who is ready to use this situation for his own pleasure... He begins to grab the chick for her large watermelons and massage them. And then she licks the chick's nipples so that she starts to be wet. Then his fingers are inside the doll's pink cooter.. Find out the continuation of the story right now.

Fuka Ayase hentai fellatio

29 November 22

This story is about a full-bosomed black-haired lady named Fuka Ayase who could be a very super-naughty woman. She encompasses a naturally lovely figure with massive melons and wet lips. Fuka encompasses a horny fetish. She likes to suck fat cock and play with bushy nuts. Nowadays you'll see Fuka perform a royal deepthroat fellation. Fuka invited one or two of dudes to debate them. The woman begins to suck one among the dudes on his fat cock and massage the nuts. Fuka swallows a schlong and tears result her eyes as she cannot breathe. The second swell comes up and starts fucking Fuka from behind. From the double penetration, Fuka begins to achieve vaginal sexual climax and yells with yells. She loves once a fat schlong fucks her tight cunt. Use your mouse and active spots to interact with the game. Let's begin the fun.

Yoko Littner hentai sex

29 November 22

Yoko Littner is a redhead badass with awesome donk which you migth remmber as one of main heroes from anime series"Gurren Lagann". But even if you don't you have nothing to worry about - this hentai parody is concentrated not on her adventures and relatiosn with other characters but only on sexual part of her life. Being a superhero (or whoever she is being dressed like that) one day brings Yoko to the local hospital - nothing serious and more like just regular medical examination. And if you think that this perverted therapist looks strange then you just didn't seen his assitant! But Yoko barely cares for how they look as soon a sthey will do they job... but these two seem to have another plans though which still can be described as"examine Yoko Littner's body"!

A Taste of Turtle Power

29 November 22

Busty bitch April O'neal is ready to fuck with the ninja turtles every day. In this depraved flash movie you will understand the intimate life of April O'neal and the ninja turtles. Look at how the turtle fucks April O'neal tight cunt. Rhythmically moving inside the vagina the fat dick delivers April O'neal sexual satisfaction. The ninja turtle fucks April O'neal until it starts to pick out the wet lubricant that drips onto the floor from her pink vag. He fucks her again and again and April O'neal is already ready to explode from the flaps of multiple orgasms. There's nothing better than trying a ninja turtle dick to taste and feel it in a pink cunt.

Ktr F-Series 2

29 November 22

Beautiful and big-titted doll whose name is Cattleya loves hookup. She's damn pretty. The doll has a gorgeous body, round arse, big and elastic bumpers and a sweet smile. She also likes to play with hookup toys. In this interesting flash game you will have the opportunity to see it. So look at the game screen. On the left and right of the screen you will see the icons for switching hookup animations. Click on them with your mouse to turn on the animated hookup scene and change the pose of the doll. Then click on the triangle and then the doll will undress. After a few minutes, she was downright naked. And then you will see how the doll will fuck her pink and wet cunny with a thick magic wand. Enjoy this spectacle right now.

Meet and Fuck Secret Agent

29 November 22

If you think that being a sceret agent means to travel around the world, meet and seduce hot ladies and through that to save the world then this game is exactly what you need because everything here is going to happen just the way we have described! Your task will be to stop some evil genius from building another one evil machine that can ruin the world as we know it and for that you will need to gather the important elements of this machine from five agents located in different countries. But everything is not that bad and you will be very glad to know that all these agents are beautiful ladies which means that you can get the required items and something extras from them if you will find the way to seduce each and every one of them...

Queen's Blade - Listy

29 November 22

This chesty redhead is named Listy and in the world of"Queen's blade" she is well known as adventurer, thief, warrior, mercenary and who knows what else... yet after tonight she will be able to add one more line to her"resume" - today she will learn to be a ganbang whore! The story will begin at the tavern during the celebration that will go farther than Listy was probably expecting it to once her own fellows will use her gorgeous body as the main reward for the recently completed quest. Ofcourse the most fun parts of thsi improvised celebration are going to be interactive so you can consider yourself invited on this party... In case if Listy is not your favourite chick from"Queen's Blade" then you can always check our website for hentai parodies with other characters as well.

Cortas Platformer

29 November 22

This adventure game begin with what the most of adventures stories do - from your ship crashlanded on some planet that is unknown and hostile. Now you will have to find your way to salvation and try to escape all the dangers that will appear on your path. And since you will be playing as female character"to escape all the danger" means don't let all these aliens to fuck you till death! Before embarking the game you may want to check for customization option where you can set up a lot of different parameters for your character or choose one of two dozens of presets among which you will find such popular characters as Samus Aran form"Metroid" or Princess Zelda from"The Legend of Zelda". Now when you have decided how sexy your character should look just begin the game and dive into theis world filled with dangers and lovemaking... and dangerous lovemaking!

Frankie Nourish and Bloo

29 November 22

Frankie Foster and Bloo are two of the key characters from pretty funny (and for some a little bit creepy as well) cartoon series"Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends". But even if you have never watched this series then you have nothing to worry about - there won't be any other charcters involved or requriements to know the story since most part of the time this animated hentai parody goes you just going to witness a crazy hump scene between already mentioned heroes. That's right - no gameplay this time just a shorter version of the cartoon vignette which is supposed to be watched only by adults though. In case if it was too short for you then simply go to our website and find a lot of other hentai parodies made both as animations and games of difefrnet genres.

Ktr F-Series

29 November 22

This game tells you a story from a fantasy world. So, the Busty Valkyrie decided to take a break from numerous adventures and have wild orgy. Your mission in this game is to help the big-chested Valkyrie learn about multiple orgasms and wild orgy. For this, it is necessary to use interactive control objects on the game screen. Pay attention to them - they are on the left of the game screen. Click on the interactive spot and then the Valkyrie changed her fuck-fest pose. Now click on the triangle to the right of the screen. The Valkyrie takes off some of his clothes. Click on it again, the Valkyrie will remain downright naked. Look at her magnificent athletic body and large watermelons. Click on the triangle again and you will see how the big magic wand begins to fuck the pink poon of this huge-titted Valkyrie. Enjoy this game right now.

DC - The Trap

29 November 22

Magic versus Forces of Evil? No, this time we have much more interesting ingredients for a battele - busty redhead witch versus barely dressed lesbian vampires! Yeah, that sounds way more fun and way more exciting than before! And if you also happen to be familiar with such game as "Dragon's Crown" then you will find even more interesting details in this colorful parody comics!


29 November 22

You go to elections and try to take the last ballot. The result depends on that vote. So you start to fight for the last ballot with some hot girl (WTF?). The idea is stupid, but you'll see two ending depending on do you win or losein Rock, Paper

TMNT April O'Kneel

29 November 22

Here we present to you a wonderful romp flash cartoon from the game Turtles! April O-Colin looks so sexy with her big Tits. Bebop and Rocksteady undress her and fuck her fuck-holes hard! Channel 6 reporter April O'neill is getting more than she expected on her latest assignment. Look around, there are a lot of eggs. And these two monsters will fuck April in a dark alley. First, unbutton the woman's clothes to admire her large and saucy peaches. After that, April starts sucking a fat man meat and playing with big ball-sac. And then these monsters fuck April in her tight vulva and round butt. Definitely the woman gets sexual satisfaction from this depraved and rough romp. She's ready for multiple orgasms right now. If you like it, then start playing right now.

The Tales of St. Clare's

29 November 22

This is a parody animation about Japanese anime Mischievous Twins: The Tales of St. Clare's.

You can customize Nanni and Hanni a little bit, as well as switch their positionsetc.. Check all available options in thetop menu.

Lifeguard Betty

29 November 22

Betty Brickhouse is one hot looking blonde with big tits so what kind of job can she get for this summer season? The answer is pretty obvious - she has to put on her most tight red swimsuit and join the baywatch! Together with anotehr lifeguard JD they will try to do anyting to avoid any accidents at the beach... yet when you have such bombshell running to the rescue there is always a chance that someone will setup the"accident" to get Betty's attention! And grandpa Slappy knows exactly what he has to do to get some private time with Betty... yet he is pretty old already so may be not eveything will work according to his original plan. On the other side you will never know for sure until you will try it and looks like grandpa Slappy has nothing to loose.

Summoner's Quest Ch.9.6

29 November 22

New chapter of adventures and ofcourse new hump scene from the private life of the Summoner - the main character of the story who is travelling through the wildest lands and meet the wildest sweethearts there! This chapter is titled as"Awaiting Triak - Day 2" and obviosuly suppose you to play the previous games befor estarting this one (which you can always find on our website). In case if you care not for the story and planning to skip it anyway then get ready to witness awesome anal invasion hump scene but then you will miss a nice and fun conversation with sexy cuties in police uniform which you might remeber form such popular videogame"League of Legends" and all the following adventures that will take you through the night clubs, dark street alleys and even the unauthorized boxing matches!

April in trouble (My childhood dream clicker Alpha Build)

30 November 22

New release of an interactive game about a big-chested journalist. Fleshy journalist April O'Neill is a very educated nymph who, as a teenager, was fond of computers. Her hacking skills helped her become a nanotechnology programmer in the future. But you have to pay for it. She was taken to the laboratory to test her skill. But testing is likely to be sexual. So click on the body of April O'Neill with the help of a smallish mouse. This way you will earn game points. On the left side of the screen is the control panel. Once you get the right amount of points, you can open a new pose or sexual device. For example, take off clothes from April O'Neill and begin to whip it on the big chest. And then fuck the big-chested journalist in her tight and pink muff. So let's start the game right now.

Cattleya Oba hentai – Princess s Blade…

30 November 22

In this interactive flash game you will meet a buxomy gal who loves fights and wild lovemaking. And also her fetish is young boys and big hookup toys. So, buxomy warrior Cattleya Oba wants to display you her sexual skills. So look at the game screen. You see interactive game control icons. Left and right on the game screen. Click on the icon to change the animated hookup scene in the game. After that, click on the triangle and buxomy Cattleya Oba will undress. Wow... Without clothes, she looks damn sexy. Keep clicking on the triangle and Cattleya Oba will start to fuck her cunt with a thick wand. After a few minutes, Cattleya Oba reaches a vaginal orgasm. So let's not waste time and start the game right now.

Fuck Viking Honey

30 November 22

Always wanted to fuck hot young woman of some wild viking clan? Then you can do it in this game right now! First of all you will see that she is pretty shy - doesn't she know how sexy she is? So it might take some time to get her into the right mood. Spread her legs to see what color panties she is wearing today. Not interested? Then take them off! And don't forget to check her titties too! Undress her and get to real action scenes. There will be a progress bar on teh right side of the screen - each succesfull action will add some points to it and will unlock the next scene. New poses, new action and a lot of hook-up with hot blonde warrior chick is waiting for you! She may be very good at fighting but tonight she will know that there are other f-words that she should try...

Fortunate Patient part 2

30 November 22

Continuation of 3D hump flash games about a lucky patient who came to see a physician and a nurse. So today you will fuck a buxomy nurse. She was delighted with the sight of your fat dick. Now she will suck your chisel and play with big plums. For starters, a medsitra faps off your dick. Then she kneels down and licks the dick. After that, she deeply swallows dick and licks his tongue. Now you can fuck the nurse in her tight cunt and round bum. Begin to fuck her again and again until the doll reaches a multiple orgasm. After that, fuck her in the round rump without paying attention to how the doll screams in pain and pleasure. Use the mouse to change the viewing angle. Start playing right now.

Fuka Ayase F – sex undress

30 November 22

Fuka Ayase is uber-cute anime dame with big tits who for some reasons prefer to wear very short skirts... which makes her a pefect candidate for a new henati game from F-series! So don't miss the opportunity to enjoy her wonderful curves not only being hidden under her clothes but during intense sexual scenes as well! Just like before you will get the choise of five different outfits for Fuka Ayase to wear - from her school and sport uniform to couple of more casual looking outfits. After the choise is made use blue arrow buttons on the sides of game screen to undress her (and to enjoy the animation of her big tits bouncing ofcoruse) and to fuck her! Notice that each outfit has it's own set of orgy scenes and positions so you better to check them all.

Xmas Pay Rise

30 November 22

Santa's grandfather's house. A young elf comes to Mrs. Santa to get a salary. He's tired of living like a homeless man and he wants money for food and a new green suit. Mrs Santa - a young and huge-boobed woman looks at the elf very carefully. It turns out she has no money. A young elf wants to leave on Christmas Eve. That would be a crash. Mrs. Santa offers a compromise. She unfastens her blouse and her mouth-watering watermelons jump out. Wow. The elf is looking at these XXL orbs and drool is dropping. Mmmm.. The elf comes closer and starts to suck the pink nipples. And then Mrs. Santa gives a royal blowjob. She licks a fat salami up and down and swallows it. After this, the elf fucks the gal in her pink cunt. It's a lot better than a new green suit.. Find out what comes next right now.

Porn Bastards: April O'Neil [v 1.3]

30 November 22

This is how April O'Neil likes to spend her free time away from job and her Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle friends. She likes to be drugged and almost loose the sense of reality and then fucked like a total whore.