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Invite your friends to play a Choice you like. You can spend time with them, catch up on old times and play your beloved game. You never know, they may want to buy it for themselves so you can play together from the comfort of your own homes. The Choice are the best and you know what? Are you really going to go through an hour of downloading and installation just to get your fap on? I know my dick doesn't have that kind of patience. I like that you can just jump in and start playing games, and because the games are puny and simple, you can even have multiple games running at once. Sure, the Choice probably won't last you longer than a day, but unless you are a complete fucking degenerate, I doubt you'll be fapping for hours on end anyway. Another option for consuming adult content that has become increasingly popular among pornophiles around the world over the last few years or so is Choice. Stemming from the accomplishment of gaming services like Nutaku, more and more Choice sites seem to be cropping up every day.

Monster eXXXperiment

29 November 22

This is your lovely day each day, talking to and watching monsters. You are tasked with studying them and watching them as they are in your lab. But since you love to fuck and monsters seem to love fucking as well, you slide it deep into the ass of several of the subjects you were sent to take care of. Nice! You also get to see how many more monsters you can get if you are a good care taker which means more monster pussy to fuck.

Adrianne and Oliver

29 November 22

The Adrianne And Oliver game drops you into the romantic lives of this married couple. The wife is vaguely unsatisfied with her loving husband and dull life. She craves erotic adventure! Your job is to guide her through a complex set of sexual bad decisions and tempting and complicated sensual opportunities.

Lewd Mod

29 November 22

You now work as a content moderator for a virtual social network called SelfieBook. Your job is to decide if the content you moderate should be removed according to the guidelines of the SelfieBook bosses who happen to be very prudish. You will be seeing some sexy content and need to decide if it can stay or go. Today on your first day you will be focusing on women's nipples. This is the demo version and ends after the first chapter.

The Academy Again

29 November 22

Part two to the Academy you are still the Photographer in this All Girls' school. Things keep getting crazier the young ones aren't the only ones that want you. The adult women are getting hot and bothered too. The reception has been eying you. She lures in the back and while her face shows experience her pussy is young and tight. Be careful in your prompts leave the door to unlock and you get fired. Lock and spray her face full of cum! Maybe you focus in on Bridgitte. She's the busty brunette assistant to the principal. Lots of complex moves here. You can play her against the Principle and get a love triangle going. Titty fucking them and smashing pussy!

Haunted House Sleepover

29 November 22

Last Halloween your friends challenged you to sleep over at the local haunted house. Without hesitation, you agreed, taking a video camera with you. In such a simple way you have become an Internet star, and spending nights filming yourself in “haunted” houses has become your main occupation. And in all your streams you have never come across anything supernatural. That was until today, when you decided to stay in the infamous Venkman Manor, home of the infamous Gray Lady haunting…


29 November 22

A completely new look at the casting for becoming a jedi!

Daring Detectives

29 November 22

The story starts with cop Matilde spending her last day vacation with her girlfriend. She has to testify against a big don Mino Maronna next day. She is really nervous about it but her girlfriend Theresa encourages her to testify against Don that killed her family. They give her total support. Meanwhile, Don is in the game too. He has put spy on Matilda. He wants to know her every move, her personal relationship and all. Can he stop her from testifying? What if Matilde testifies? Is she putting her family in danger? We will find out all about it this erotic novel thriller.

The Witcher Hunt

29 November 22

This is a coming of age story about a young man who finally meets his soldier father who has returned from the wars. The father has signed his sons life away though in exchange for his own and now the son must pay the debt. His story will include escape and fighting monsters and being on the road where he will encounter lovely women he will bed. He will get his balls sucked and his cock worked on by some of the best prostitutes on this journey. He is young and well versed in how to jerk off but on this journey he learns the art of blowing a whole load in a whores face.

ELEANOR: lovin’ wifey or dirty superslut

29 November 22

This is a story about beautiful woman named Eleanor. She really wants to stay loyal wife for her hubby yet her quite sex-positive nature is trying to get out with each opportunity she gets and today is not going to be an exception... but which one of her sides will take over the other one? Actually, this is something that you as the player will help Eleanor to decide - make your choices in many various situations and this way build your own story of Eleanor's private life! Obviosuly there are few different endings are possible for this story so feel free to replay it and change your choices to find a different outcomes (and to reveal the fucky-fucky scenes that you have not seen yet ofcourse). More games from"Lesson of Passion" series you can always find on our website.

Cassie's Journey

29 November 22

Cassie is the name of blonde nymph who happens to be the main heroine of this game. One day Cassie has woken up in the woods without having any ideas about how she got here... or where is all of her clothes! But this problem has quickly gotten into second plan once she realised that she is not alone. So what she will do next - will she try to run away or is it better for her to hide from the unknown danger? Actually this decision is yours to make! Select one of avialable options and this way you will shape your own version of Cassie's adventures! Not only this situations (when you need to make a choice) will be happening quite often but it is also possible that the story will end much sooner than you probably want it to. That's right - in this story each wrong decision might end up in fatal way and if such thing will happen you will have to start all over again!

Alice - Swelling Race

29 November 22

Alice is one of those dolls who could easily turn an election race into erection race so if you always were interested in sexual scandals behind politics this interactive adventure will give you a glimpse on what usually happens between the curtians. In this game you will be playing a role of senator who is planning to make his political career even bigger - may be even to become president one day. Alice will be one of your personal assistants in this race but as you already know she can either help you really great or make it into your worst nightmare. Game has few different endings so it will be up to you to make all the important decisions in your relationships with Alice and ofcourse to face the consequences of these choices

Summoners Quest Ch.8

29 November 22

"Summoner's Quest" is a hentai game series which combines few genres at once. The mani gameplay is based on visual novel type - you read the story trhough the dialogs and enjoy some artworks along the way. From time to time you will need to choose dialog lines and you better do it wisely - depending on the choices you will make you might get different endings. Also the game is positioned as hentai parody so don't be wondered when you will meet characters from some anime or videgames you might have played before. Only this time they will get into situations when they might get fucked up literally. This is already an eighth chapter in the serie so if you want to be updated on the events that will happen here besdies the fuck-fest scenes then you probably should check previous pisodes before kicking off this one.

Tokes Of Hazard 1

29 November 22

Welcome to Haphazard county.

Charlie endsup partying down with a few of the community boys like guy from other and A Team and hitches a ride. Another terrific game with Charlie. We all know she is a sexy blonde slut.

Monsters dink

29 November 22

Busty blonde Charlie is sleeping on the bed. She cravings of gentle erotic cravings. She is dressed in black underwear. Suddenly, a terrible monster comes to her room. Definitely he wanted to scare Charlie. But she was not scared. Moreover, she saw that the monster has a thick beefstick. Disappointing thoughts immediately appeared in Charlie's mind. Now choose one of the three options to see in reality what Charlie has in mind. Of course it will be a dissolute blowjob. Then there will be rough romp and long-lasting penetration. After that the story continues. Look at the continuation of the story, because the monster came to Charlie is not alone. Maybe it will be group romp or something else!?

Elsa x Anna: Just Let it go!

29 November 22

This game is a parody for adults only so if you will decide to play it then you should be ready to take acompletely different look at the relations between Elsa and Anna - two main heroines of extra popular cartoon "Frozen" from Disney. The genre of this game is visual novel so most of the time you will be enjoying artworks and reading texts yet sometimes you will need to make a choice that will send a storyline in one or another directionand probably even towards some hot lesbian themes...

Call Me Desperate

29 November 22

Aiden is a photographer whose job was not going too well lately and like this was not enough he also happened to loan a huge explosion of money at the pocker table. Now he will have to put a lot of efforts to bring his life back on the appropriate tracks... and this is where he will need the help from the player obviously. Play this new game from"Lesson of Passion" series and help Aiden to find new sexy models that will not only make him happy at nights but also become his muses in work so he could find the way to pay the debts and keep liking this great life! Yor decisions and choices will affect the story and will bring it to one of few different possible endings so if you wnat to enjoy all the erotic content this game has to offer you will have to replay it few more times.

My Housemate is a Maid

29 November 22

It's unlikely that you'llthat you'll see an area in national capital, if you live on a scholarship. Our hero must make arrangements to find a solution. This would mean that he would have to choose to live with some unusual maid chicks to seduce him. Let's get started.}

Ryan Blender

29 November 22

Having the second name Blender might make you to think that the guy who has it is doing something funny on his job but this guy here is Ryan Blender happens to be a private detective. Ofcourse he lives in a smalll town but that doesn't mean that here can't happen some serious troubles involving really hot chicks... For example today he has a new client - really hot lady who have been robbed. Someone has sneaked in into her bedrom and stole the paintings that her husband has bought not so long time ago. Quite interesting detail - before accepting the job you can analyze her voice and read her body language. And ofcourse you really should take this case because not only you will get and interetsing detective story but also will meet a lot of hot chicks with some of which you might have really hot fuckfest.

Sonika Part 2

29 November 22

In thisSecond part of Sonika her brother acting really crazy and is trying to fuck her Queen. Sonika has to stop himsomehow, at least she must try. Maybe she'll get involved in this orgy also. See what happens.

The Cockbile Hunter

29 November 22

Our favotir blonde Charlie is backand this timeher adventure swill get even more wild since she is going to hunt for crocks! Did we said 'crocks'? Ofcourse, we have meant 'cocks' because this is Charlie! But non the less this game will be some sort of a parody on a very famous (at least some time ago) TV program about wilderness lifeso may be we are not as far from the truth as it may seem at first look. Anyways get ready for another one fun adventure with Charlie where you can enjoy not only humorous and sexy scenesbut also to perform blind choices that will send the whole story in one or another way! More fun and colorful parodies starring Cahrlie on many other shows and movies you can always find on our website so don't forget to check it as well.

Wonder hoe

29 November 22

As you probably already guesse from the titl ethis game"Wonder Whore" is a ctually a hentai parody over"Wonder Woman". Also in this game you will once again meet our good old friend Charlie which means that scenes in this game are going to be both sexy and funny! Th egame begins with Charlie and some dude are crashing their plane somewhere in the ocean... but luckily for them there was a mysterious hidden island of brave amazons nearby and they got saved by one of them! What will happen next? This is something that you as the player will decide by making blind choices in between the scenes but don't worry - most of the outcomes will end up in sexy minigames! Also don't forget that Charlie wa sstarring in quiet a lot of hentai parodies which you can always find on our website.


29 November 22

Today's broadcast with Jerry Seinfeld and some of his friends is going to beocme one of the most memorable events in their career since today they are having our favorite blonde Charlie as their main gueststar! And where is Charlie there will be fun, humor and a lot of sex! But what of it there will be more - humor or sex- is actually up to you as a player to decide from now on because just like in the most of games with Charlie your choices will lead the whole story in one or another direction. And even if you have no idea who Jerry Seinfeld is or what "Seinfeld" (or "Seinfelt" in this case) show is about then you still have nothing to worry - everyone will be watchig on one gorgeous blonde who will be sucking, fucking and riding cocks anyways! Enjoy!

The Fucky-fucky Therapist: A very beautiful Specialist

29 November 22

Free-strip-game has new game for you and it is"The Sex therapist Episode 1: A sexy specialist". So according to game you are married to a beautiful black-haired called Abi. But not everything is great for your couple so you decide to pay a visit to sexologist Natalia in order tot ry to save your marriage. Ad you have a very important meeting today. Here game will let you to make the first choice - well, meeting Abi or... go to the pub to rink up some beers! There will be a plenty of choices like this one during the game. But be carefull - if some choices will lead you to sexy scenes with hot ladies the others will bring you to game over. In the end you will see how much of the game you have discovered and you might even want to replay it with alternative choices! Also you can chooze between english and frensh subtitles.

Orekko Intercourse

29 November 22

As you will definitely notice right from the very start this game is entirely in japanese language so if you don't know it you will be clicking on the buttons or making choices without any understaing yet still somehow you will manage to fuck this hot looking redhead with big tits! Find active zones and click on them to perform certain actions or try different options in the long menu lists to see where this will lead you and your new anime girlfriend tonight. Since there is no english version for this game it is hard to tell what exactly you need to do to win the game but if you won't be just sitting and try to do something you will somehow progress through the game and may be you will not just fuck this bombshell but even make her happy with it!