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29 November 22

Being a ninja means not only fighting but also a lot of studying and this rule works for the girls of Konoha village as well. Yet today they are planing to have a very special session at the classroom which they has named as "girls-only". If you think that they are going to have a lesbian party instead of lessons then you are right... yet they are still going to learn something new today - they are going to learn something about futanari!

Meet and pulverize strict teacher

29 November 22

The main character of this interesting flash game is a strict educator who left after school two not very smart schoolgirls. What would you do with them additional lessons. But they did not expect that these classes will be lovemaking. Rude and depraved lovemaking. Because a strict educator does not tolerate stupid schoolgirls in his class. To begin with, he chooses one of the gals and asks her a couple of difficult questions. And of course she can not find the answer. Then a strict educator punishes this stupid schoolgirl. He begins to fuck her tight gash so she understands the lesson. Use the mouse to select schoolgirls and answer the dialogue in the game.

Naughty Skill 2

29 November 22

Welcome back to the college of massage therapy! Your studying skilsl are still not looking great and if there were no help from your ultra-cute classmate named Lisa with the last test you would be probably thrown out already... yet she helped you for some reasons and now you two got some sort of closer to each other! As close as the guy and the nymph can be to stay in the classroom after everyon else has gone home already to have some pleasant conversations. Well, pleasant conversations and pleasant contacts ofcourse since you are both young and attractive people and share so much in common there is no reason to refuse sexual part of your lives and even better - now you can share this part as well! But enough with the lirics - this ultra-cute chick needs a good fucking!

[Palcomix] Conflict Resolution

29 November 22

Redhead cheerleader andher bartty girlfriend are planning to team up in order to deal with their noisy teacher who is also one hot looking brunette? That sounds like a great idea for new episode of "Kim Possible" cartoon seires yet since there are supposed to be a lot of lesbian sex scene it is possible only in the world of hentai comics... and this is exactly where you are right now!

College 2001: Bi-racial Hardcore

29 November 22

This is not a usual game - you can call it an interactive comics. Still with us? Then let's hear and witness another one sexy story! This particular story is about hot chick who was cleaning up the classroom and... find some erotic magazine! She reads it and gets horny in no time - so pretty soon you will see her nude and masturbating on the instructor's desk. And not only you - some black dude who was passing by sees her through the unlocked door and of course he decides to join the fun! At the bottom of the screen you will find arrow buttons - use them to navigate through pages. You can move not only forward but reteurn to the previous pages if you missed something. Don't forget to point mouse coursor on characters - then you will see their phrases and thoughts.

Spunky Moments: Teacher's Pet

29 November 22

The relations between teacher and student can have some special and sometimes even passionate moments so if you don't mnd to go back into those days when you were younger and hot milf-like teacher was getting all of your attentionnot because of the subject she was explaining but because of the curves that her tight costume was hiding then you are deifnitely going to enjoy this eortic game! The idea is to play as the student who is eager to become the teacher's pet and once again- after you will see how hot this teacher is it will be hard to blame the main character for such behaviour. And actually quite contrary - you will need to makea series of important choices that at some point should lead to so much desirable resolvment of this situation!

Dancing Queen: Once in a Lifetime Opportunity - Touzyou 2

29 November 22

"Dancing Queen" is hentai themed game made in genre of interactive manga. This scene is titled as"Once in a Lifetime Chance - Touzyou 2" and will showcase you the perosnal story of brown-haired cutie whose most intense part of the day at college begins after all lessons are done and everyone gone home... everyone except for some a little bit creepy dude with photocamera who for some reasons has certain power our heroine and this power is enough for him to fuck her whenever and wherever he wants to! After he will use her sweet body in different posintion in the empty classroom he will take some additional pictures of her after that (and looks like this totally explains what kind of power he has). The only trouble you can get with unterstanding the dialogs is the fact that the language of this game is japanese.

Satsutake 60%

29 November 22

Let'smeet and take a look at to seduce Satsutake-an Asian woman who has superb curves because of her huge and intense boobs and a very huge ass. for a few reason she likes to wear a college uniform, however it's pretty obvious that she's not some reasonably student, however you'll be able to still imagine her in this role and therefore the undeniable fact that it'll all take place in some reasonably schoolroom will definitely assist you therewith. The gameplay is straightforward. First, you would like to decide on one amongst the 5 scenes obtainable. From blowjobs and boob fucking to ass whipping and jerking, Satsutake is certainly within the mood for kinky play today! In every scene you will find an inventory of actions which will assist you improve the scene, however this is often wherever you will see the catch - all the text here is in Japanese! thus let's begin the game immediately.

Ultra-kinky Prowess

29 November 22

In this short interactive adventureyou will be playing as a male student who is about to have a very important test and who is obviously completely unprepared! Yet not everything is lostand among your classmates there is one very cute looking chick who could help you so themain goal of this quest should be already clear - find the way to make her to help you! The only thing that we have forgot to metion is that this test will be about anatomy and it may turn your cute looking companion into pretty much horny state at soms point... but isn't it why you want to play hentai themed games in the first place? That's right - it will be a win-win situation which you will celebrate with a lot of sexy interactions right here in the classroom! Good luck!

Lesbians in Classroom

29 November 22

These gals really enjoy staying for extra hours after all the rest class is gone. But they ar edoing it not because they like to study and want to know more than everyone else - they do it because being alone in empty classroom for some reason turns them both on enough for some girl-girl experimenting... A lot of touching and teasing in the beginning, a lot of licking in the middle and some real big surprise at the end - these gals are working well together! If you have played other games from this studio then you already know that there is not so much gameplay to expect. Use set of buttons to control the playback or simply watch the whole action scene as usual hentai movie without any distractions on getting some points or doing other things.

The Stringent Lecturer

29 November 22

It turns out to be a educator at the local college of Art and Architecture is a very difficult job. Especially when there are femmes in your class who have big bosoms but a petite mind. Today, the story will be about two chesty girlfriends who study poorly. Today after the lessons you left a couple of femmes to conduct additional classes with them. You invite a blonde. Her name is Brenda. As it turned out, she was doing her homework. You take off the clothes from the blonde and put it on the educator's desk. And then begins the rough and wild fuck of this blonde in her tight and pink cunny. The lady groans with pleasure when a fat fuck-stick rips her tight cherry in half. Use the mouse and game objects to interact with the game. After that, pay attention to another lady. She masturbated while you fucked Brenda. Start to fuck a new lady, and Brenda will eat your caboose...

Slut From High School

29 November 22

Old school story about how girls get passed their test in high school. This horny slut tries to pass some exam to lustful professor who just pretends to be an honest family man. Let's see how he'll spank her and fuck right in the middle of classroom.

Umemaro 3 dimensional anime porn Lustful Bomb buster instructor second part

29 November 22

The second (of at least three in total) chapter of the story telling about the very special teachernamed Umemaro. What isit that special in her you might ask? Well, if you have seen the first episode (and if you have not then you definitely should watch it) then you alreday know that she is not only the proud owner ofthe amazing bodycurves but she is also loves to put them into action with some of her studentsright here in the classroom! And today is not going to be of any exception and Umemaro will find herself another one plaything without any doubts... but will she be able to handle this huge strong cock and multiple loads of cum? Well, there is only one way to figure it outand it is to watch this great hentai animation righthere and right now!

Umichan Maiko: Classroom Cheaters

29 November 22

Looks we're going to campus. We all know what can happen there. Crazy and horny students are full with sexy ideas and they are ready for an orgy at any time. Pick on all sex scenes and see how they spend their time.

The Tales of St. Clare's

29 November 22

This is a parody animation about Japanese anime Mischievous Twins: The Tales of St. Clare's.

You can customize Nanni and Hanni a little bit, as well as switch their positionsetc.. Check all available options in thetop menu.

Professor Zedwin Extra Class

29 November 22

This is another Everypony parody. Now teacher will be substituted with Professor Zedwin from Germany. Instead of the usual stuff they are learning, they are going to learn about her favorite subject - Engineering! But she notices student's erection and offers her help to get it away.

Umemaro 3D anime porn Part 3

30 November 22

"Umemaro 3D" is the whole series of well made CG animations about huge-chested professor banging her studenst in the classroom after the lessons are over. If this is your kind of fun and especially if you have seen the previous two vignettes of Umemaro's adventures then you won't be disappointed - the number of positions and pop-shots is quite astounding for a simple And even better - today our promiscuous professor has left not one but two guys in the detention so you can easily double it up! Doggy style fucking, oral hump with deepthroat elements, intense anal invasion penetration and big tits bouncing in non-stop mode - this is what you will see if you will enter the Umemaro's classroom tonight! And ofcourse don't forget to check our website for other gigs of the series if you have not seen them yet.

School Occasion

30 November 22

Welcome to the school! Only you will be able to return here, not as a fan, but as among these masters today, and from now on, the students may soon run away from you if they need any questions. Among these students who may need additional help may be a very beautiful woman named Stacy. She is waiting for you at school, and although you did not create this meeting with her, you can not make it easier, however, to notice her. Oral communication is serious, but don't worry - you'll notice a lot of applicable silent medical services when it's over. Sex scenes along with the simple undeniable fact that there will be orgy scenes, it's not a surprise to you, is it? Created as a daily mini-game, so you won't just watch, which positively adds points to the immersion of the game. So let's start the game.