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The Raging Professor

29 November 22

Meet Adam Addington. He is the scientist who has spent few late years at his laboratory by working on what seems to be the breakthrough project of his lifetime - he is trying to create the formula of the liquid that can stop time! And looks like he has finally achieved a certain success so now he is very eager to test his latest invention. And what would a proffessor who has locked himself inside the laboratory to do the most? To fuck chesty redhead beauty ofcourse! Besides this will be the perfect field test for his magical liquid... But what exactly he will get and how his invention will work you can find out only if you will play this erotic game by yourself so waste no mor etime and... well, and try to stop it! Science has never been so exciting before!

Effortless Town Pornography Night

29 November 22

Girlfriends are all different. For example in this game your girlfriend will send you on quest to... make a porn movie! To complete this quest you will need to travel around the night city and visit its areas like office buildings, appartments, laboratories, bookstore, city park and many others. Talk to all the nymphs you will meet there and try to create a video with each of them if possible. Then you can go home and watch the movie with your woman to get her in the right mood for tonight... Game has a lot of hot nymphs and sexy hentai slides and to go through them you will not only choose the right lines in dialoges but also win in quizes that all this woman has for you - use all your mastery that you had no idea can be usefull at all in this hentai game!

Laboratory of Endless Pleasure 4

29 November 22

In this game you are going to feel yoruself as some evil genius who has build a large laboratory with multiple displays, buttons and leveres for one purpose only - to have a lot of porn on his main screen! Try different buttons and switches to change not only the main action but also some petite details as well. Big shafts, different sextoys, tentacled creatures (probably from outer space) and other exciting surprises will be under your control to present the main object of your experiments with a lot of sexual testings... or you could do it just for your own fun. Try all teh available options and once you will find the ones that you enjoy the most try them couple more times. Ofcoruse this gameplay is not hardcore type but it won't ictract you from lots of hentai content as well.

Ada Wong against the Pink Queen

29 November 22

This hentai parody over the"Resident Evil" videogame series has not only the sexy agent Ada Wong as its main playable character but also many fun and interesting features in the gameplay as well. For example each of your actions here will be spending a certain amount of time so you will have to pay attention on what you are going to do next and may be even to set some plan of actions because simply try everything, enter every room and pick all the possible objects is not an option for a single walkthrough. Your ultimate goal will be to collect three access cards and to escape the laboratory but it won't be as easy as in official games because here either deadly or sexy surprises might wait for you behind every door you will try to open!

Evangelium Aeternitatis Eien Fukuinsho 01

29 November 22

In order to bring the synchronization of pilots on a completely new leveland by that to make themeven more effective in upcoming battles there was new special procedure designed and the time has come to test it. The main idea is that before entering the battle pilots will need to gain sexual compability and it looks like Shinji and Rei will be the firstones to get through it...

Eden -Rei10- [Kohakutei] [Neon Genesis Evangelion]

29 November 22

Finally the relations between Shinji ikari and Rei Ayanami from "Evangelion" will get on a new level and not just on a new level but on the level that can be shown only in hentai parody comcis! Plus besides a lot of nudity and sex scenes with your favorite characters this comcis will also provide a story and dialogs that even true fans could find as something quite interesting!

Eee [enuma elish] [Neon Genesis Evangelion]

29 November 22

Having someone strapped down to your chairand having total control over this person is something that can easily bring the excitement into the personwho is in charge right now. And these characters from "Neon Genesis Evangelion" are not going to become of any excepetions! But if you want to know more of kinky details and tos ee who dominate swhome then it will be much better to read this hentai parody comics by yoruself.

(C50) [Koa (Various)] Dengeki Inuoh 3 (Various)

30 November 22

This blonde scientist can play as a smart and cold woman for as long as she wants but once her laboratory suit will come off she will turn into the usual whore almost immediately and ofcourse there will be someone nearby who will be ready to put her into herproper place. A litte bit rough yet still exciting hentai manga the only issue with reading which can be the japanese language.

Rack [v 1.1]

30 November 22

This game won't be approved by animal rights activists. Sexual experiments on animals are conducted in a very dark laboratory. Additionally, there's an interspecies sex section. So, you would like to induce a sample of wolf spermatozoan. To do this, look into the screen. The wolf is lying on the table. he's tied to the table and can not run away. Your main mission during this flash game is to caress the wolf. As presently as he's prepared, the wolf can offer you a sample of his sperm cell for sexual experiments. To act with the game, use the push. Simply faucet on the fat wolf's phallus and you'll see however it tightens and gets larger. And additionally listen to the knowledge panel on the left of the game screen. Let's find out what happens next without delay.