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GD: Individual Services

29 November 22

First thing that you should know about this short but fun virtual adventure is that the letters "GD" in the titleare actually stand for "Gay Dreams" so be sure that you are totally okay with such type of content before you will start playing. Are you still with us? Good! Then meet the main character of this story named Mike who was expecting for another one ordinary (if notto say boring) evening that he was planning to spend by watching another one episode of his favorite TV show... Yet life brings us surprises even if we are not asking for them and it has happened that Mike's TV got broken down! Ofcourse he asks for the qualified help yet looks like tonight he will get muchmuch more... We got you intrigued? Then waste no more time and start playing!

Kitsumi: The Cheating Wifey

30 November 22

Katsumi Reachman is a beautiful woman who makes an impression of good and faithful wife... yet everything is chnaging when her hubby is not home! And even better - today you will get the chance to see such wonderful metamorphose by yourself since in this story you will be playing as a TV repairman and for the job well done you will get way greater reward than just a paycheck! Ofcourse some of you will find this story pretty classic and old for a porn entertainment industryyet how often you have enjoyed this situation in intercative format brought to you by the famous "Lesson of Passion" series? That's right! Now put on your uniform because you have a lot of thing to do and you better to deal with them before mister Reachman will get back home...

Fuck Town: Christmas Blackout

30 November 22

Having problems with electro-stimulation during the xmas night celebration is not someting that will bring teh fun and joy... especially if you are working at the electro-stimulation company and it is you who will have to go all the way through the winter night and fix everything! But there is still one good thing can be found in this situation - it all happens in Fucktown which means that your efforts will be rewarded in a very special ways because your client is one really hot looking yet for some reaosns lonley redhead with big round tits! But before you will get to the fun part don't forget that your direct duty is to bring back the light in her house first and in orde rto do that you will have to win a minigame (it's not hard and once you will understand what exactly you need to do it will take less than a minute).