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29 November 22

In this interactive flash game with real people, you'll guess cards on the game screen. So look at him. Below you see some cards. Above, you see an animated flash movie with two beautiful and young lesbos. Your mission is to guess the next card. For example, there is a card with a face value of 6 on the screen. You can bet that the next card will be higher in face value. Do this by clicking on the up arrow. If you guessed right and a card with a face value of 10 appeared, you won. And you are waiting for the continuation of the lovemaking video. If you guess all the cards you can see this depraved clip to the end. And see how young lesbos kiss and play with their pink honeypots. Do you like? Then let's do it right now.


29 November 22

It has taken quite some time and quite some efforts yet finally the complete project is playble! Ofcourse it will be a full story adventure and not only the part of game which you have probably seen earlier simply as "Chapter 1". So what does this projet looks like now? This is pretty classic visual novelwith about 110K wordsyet don't worry - you won't need to read them all because the game is quite variative and it will have several storylines so obviously to unlock all the content you will need to replay it more than once and even twice... but if you like nice and cute and funny andofcourse sexy stories about romantic relations with nice and cute and funny and ofcourse sexy maids then obviously you can consider this as a huge plus! Enjoy!