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MrPinku: Dungeons And Morons

29 November 22

Dungeons and Dragons? No, when it comes to fun, crazy and sexy games from MrPinku it is more like "Dungeons and Morons"! Yet non the less the main idea of the game ispretty similar to the original one according to which you will be epxloring the dungeons as the party of heroes. Your task will be to pick proper weapon combinations to defeat certain monsters and only after that you will progress through the game. Sounds simple? Yes, it sounds simple yet if you won't pay enough attention to management of your party and won't be healing your characters in time you might find this game quite challenging. May be even more challenging than any games from MrPinku that you have played before. But is it better in the humor and erotic aspects? Let's find out!

Suddenly a Party 1.03

30 November 22

How about to have a party tonight? Just invite some of your friends (who will probably invite their own friends and so on) and don't forget to make a deal with your sister in law - if she is going to be among guests then she will not have any reasons to warn your parents! The game is mate as some sort of adventure game with most events taking place during this already mentioned party. There will some situations when you are allowed to choose on what main character (named Tom by the way) should do next and ofcourse it will affect on how this whole party night is going to end. Besides few different endings there iwll be some syctem of achievements so most likely you will want to replay this game couple times to try alternative options. And one mor ething - to skip the text simply hold space.