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Corrupting Kayleigh v104

27 March 21

Kayleigh is one amazing and not so trampy doll nonetheless this does not save her form a constant need of currency non the less. So when she finishes up on a party at the very fancy looking mansion she knwos that it is her chance to acquire new useful connections at least. But everything will get even more strange and at precisely the exact same time even more profitable when the possessor will probably be giving currency for everyone who is about to entertain the public in a sexual associated ways. At very first there are striptease perfomances will be happening here and there nevertheless pretty briefly the stakes will get higher and no one knows how many partenrs every one of the guests will soon be having fun tonigt with! Looks like the time has come for Kayleigh to ultimately decide how far she can go... The game is made in visual novel genre with a system of choices that will impact the story.

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