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Diamond Digger

26 May 21

An arcade where you will be controlling the humungous digging machine to be able to collect humungous diamonds... and all that only to amaze the hot looking model who will be perfoming the more and more wild dancing for you depending on how high degreeyou will get to. The control is something that also should be explained - all the movements are driven by just one control stick which in this game is reperesented as a major balck fake penis in some hot chick's puss (or you could use arrow buttons but where is the fun in that?)! Simply send the grinding machine into management to pick up the diamonds (which will be arriving and disappear in random locations - after all this is a game and there has to be some challenge) and enjoy striptease display each time you will gather the required number of them!

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4➖6➖10 multiрlу bу 4 =

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