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Dreams of Desire - Episode 1

2 April 21

If you like games with interesting stories, decisions that will make your walkthrough unique and awesome looking ladies made in 3D then you can start playing"Dreams of Desire" game right now! This is going to be a story about some usual guy from a smallish town. He doesn't want to go to military school and looks like fate itself has other plans for him as well. One day he finds a very old book wich opens lost and lots of opportunites for this boy. But ofcourse every good thing comes with a price. So now you will have to navigate through the world of power, lust and corruption in order to find your place in this world and some mysteries to solve. The whole course of his life is about to change and you are welcomed to play some part in it... or you can play because here you will get a lot of sexy chicks and milfs to seduce!

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