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Dreams of Desire - Episode 1

24 April 21

Just like any ordinary man the main character of this story had no idea that one day his entire life will change in the way it has changed. It all has begun with a series of unfortunate events due to which our dude had to go to the military school even though he has never seen himself as an army man and obviously he was trying to break away it anyway he could... until one day he has found the response on how he could do that in an old book which actually has enough knolwedge foundin it to help our dude to change his fate. But will newly gained power help our dude to make the proper decisions? Do his desires are in fact the things he needs in his life? And most important - what will be the price of playing with your own fate and trying to bend it your way? Answers can be found only in the game!

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9✖️6 multiрlу bу 4 аdd 10 =

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