Kanojo Ga Uwaki O Shite Imasu

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Kanojo ga uwaki o shite imasu

10 April 21

If you haven't know just what the name of the game implies then you're likely to get exactly the identical difficulty trhoughout the whole game since it's in japanese language. On the opposite side it's still fairly instinctive so in the event you do not really care for the lil' details of this diaoligs and narrative then you might play and complete it. The narrative in brief will likely be about a girl who's suspected by her hubby in adulterous so it will be your responsibility to research her palace and also to locate the evidence of his wifey being a cheater... and could be to proove this reality ! Why we mentioned"could be"? Since the game really has five (! ) ) Various endings! The gameplay relies on locating things and using them onto different items so that you may say there are components of quest in it also.